D&D Movie/TV Dungeons and Dragons Movie Trailer, no, not that one, 2000

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The ultimate crime of the 2000 movie is that not quite enough of it is actually entertainingly bad. There's a solid half hour or so of so-bad-its-good, but mostly it just drags.


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Even the articles in Dragon Magazine leading up to the release were bad.

.... And what's with Rob Halford appearing in the movie wearing blue Mabelene lipstick? Always seemed odd to me
Funnily enough, I know the answer to that!

Sannish. It's a blend of wolf's milk and a powdered desert plant drunk as a drug comparable to opium in it's effects. Long-term use dyes your lips blue.

Damodar was supposed to be a crackhead.


What makes you think I don't already have the Book of Vile Darkness... :cautious::whistle:;)
All jokes aside, I actually really enjoyed this movie. No, not because of the acting or execution or effects. Really the plot is beautiful and if D&D film rights hadn't been in such a dire situation we wouldn't have gotten this gem of a movie. I mean, think about it? A paladin has to go sheep in wolfs clothing to save the world. Joins a group of obviously evil people to achieve his ends. Then, watches repeatedly as they massacre towns and each other while the paladin just slowly loses his sanity.


Just out of curiosity I had to check Amazon. They got to be out of their minds. Hurry only 1 left

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If it doesn't include the demo for Baldur's gate (or was it for BG2...i forget), the original release is the better release.

It's the Demo that actually makes all the difference in the world (if you have an OS that actually still runs it, that is).

That was actually the biggest deliberation I had in whether to buy the DVD or not (hint, I didn't buy the DVD at the time, I just downloaded the Demo...also had the full game...so unsure why I wanted to have the Demo).

Ironically, I DO have this movie...somewhere...not sure how I got it now that I reflect upon it. I DID buy the second one, that one was actually rather decent. Maybe it came in a two pack with it or something...unsure.

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