D&D Movie/TV Dungeons and Dragons Movie Trailer, no, not that one, 2000

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Now we all have to watch that before going to see the new one.

Like. Day of. Before you can leave your house, you need to find and watch that terrible, terrible, movie.

If nothing else, it'll make the new one look amazing in comparison.


Even the articles in Dragon Magazine leading up to the release were bad.

.... And what's with Rob Halford appearing in the movie wearing blue Mabelene lipstick? Always seemed odd to me
Oddly, its the least of things that bug me about the movie.

Oddly, its the least of things that bug me about the movie.
I'd had forgotten all about it until I just watched the trailer. I went to the theater to see it when it came out, it was horrible, and I'd be hard pressed to say I've ever seen it again. If I did, I don't remember rewatching it and I don't even remember any of watching it the first time. So, I guess needless to say its forgettable at best. I guess it might be fun to watch on a day your D&D game gets cancelled for a laugh, but I wouldn't waste the $0.99 on Amazon Prime. Funny how you see the SyFy D&D movies on cable now and again but never the 2000 one.


The difference is shocking. I do have this urge to go watch it though.
I found it on a DVD at Half Price Books years ago for $2 in the clearance section. I almost passed it by but decided it would be fun for bad movie nights.

It's truly a baffling movie. You watch it and think "nobody wants this - not even the director". It's absolutely the movie that nobody wanted to make but was contractually obligated to be made.
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You know, despite the horrible dialogue, over-the-top acting, cheesy special effects, and predictable plot, this movie holds a special place in my heart.

When it game out, my D&D group planned on making a parody of it with our group splicing in shots of us "playing D&D" and then cutting to the movie to show the action unfold.

My favorite part was the beholder guard dogs. They throw a rock and the beholders go chasing after it! :ROFLMAO: Oh, so classic!

Just out of curiosity I had to check Amazon. They got to be out of their minds. Hurry only 1 left


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