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D&D General Dungeons & Dragons Monster Joining Dead by Daylight

Beholder may be the next killer in the multiplayer horror video game

Dungeons & Dragons announced via their official Twitter account a partnership with video game Dead by Daylight to add D&D characters to the game. The attached video, which was also uploaded to YouTube, indicates that a new killer will be joining the game: A Beholder.

Dead by Daylight is an online asymmetrical horror game based on slasher movie tropes where four players take on the role of Survivors who attempt to fix generators to escape from a location while a fifth player is the killer attempting to track them down and slaughter them. While different survivors are basically only different skins for appearance only, the different killers have unique abilities and powers to give them an advantage over the survivors.

The franchise is well-known for licensed deals with popular properties including Halloween, A Nightmare on Elm Street, Evil Dead, Resident Evil, Silent Hill, and others. In most of these promotions, both a new killer and new survivor character is added to the game. Technically, D&D has had an appearance previously, but it was as the Demogorgon from Stranger Things.


More information is promised on May 14.

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Darryl Mott

Darryl Mott

Supposedly, some people have said that, via leaks, it's not the Beholder, but
Vecna himself. Though, that would make the Beholder in the clip pointless if true.
I suspect it was a lot easier to add a non-functional beholder for decoration than it would be to add a fully functional player controlled beholder. Image trying to shoot those eye rays in real time.


Never played this game, anyone here play and have any feedback? It’s it fun and worth checking out?

Just watched a couple YouTube videos…seems similar to the Texas chainsaw game where you and a few others are trying to survive through the night and escape.
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Maybe it is not a new killer, but skins, for killers and survivors.

The videogame has been designed for bipedal humanoids, and the beholder is too "fat" to go trought doors and windows.

The dungeon could be a new zone, and this beholder would be one of the "traps".


Never played this game, anyone here play and have any feedback? It’s it fun and worth checking out?

Just watched a couple YouTube videos…seems similar to the Texas chainsaw game where you and a few others are trying to survive through the night and escape.
I think DBD came first in that particular genre of game. If not, it was the one that popularized it before the official Friday the 13th, Texas Chainsaw Massacre, and Evil Dead games used the same format along with one Resident Evil spin-off.

It's 4v1 asymmetrical multiplayer. One person is the killer and each killer has their own special powers. Only the killer knows which killer it is at the start. For example, Freddy Kruger can drag Survivors into the Dream World, while Michael Myers has stealth abilities to allow him to pop up out of anywhere.

The other four players are Survivors, who the only difference it makes between characters is their appearance. Jill Valentine plays exactly the same as Laurie Strode plays exactly the same as Nancy Wheeler. However, players get points for how well they play and for pulling various "stunts" like barely escaping from the killer or blocking them by knocking over a large wooden board to block their path. Those can be used to level up your character and buy more abilities for your Survivors, but none are unique to specific characters the way Killers get unique powers.

The Killer wins by killing the Survivors before they can escape the level. This is done by knocking down the Survivor by stabbing or otherwise attacking them and then carrying them (kicking and screaming often) to a sacrificial hook. After some time on the hook, the Survivor will be killed. They can either wiggle their way off the hook or be rescued by another Survivor, but if they're put on the hook a second time, they die instantly.

The Survivors win by escaping the level, which they do by either finding a secret escape hatch (harder than it sounds) or by repairing a number of power generators hidden around the level that will allow you to open one of two powered gates to let you out.

There's a number of different levels, each with their own feel and different types of obstacles and early warning systems. Some of the aspects of the level can be randomized like the locations of generators, exits, hooks, totems (small items that give the Killer their power which can be destroyed by the Survivors to even the playing field a bit), giant hooden plywood boards used to block off narrow paths, etc.

I would like to say that I only know this much because I mod for a Twitch streamer who played this game regularly until 2021 when they promoted an NFT scheme. So if they've made any changes since then, I'm not aware of them and they didn't show up on my quick searches to fact-check myself.

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