Dungeons & Flagons Goes Epic for Charity

Dungeons and Flagons is a discord server that brings gamers together online for Adventurers League play, while also raising money for charity. Every few months they host an Adventurers League Epic event to raise money for kids and all the while promoting the game we all love.

On the 26th and 27th of October Dungeons and Flagons will be hosting the Adventurers League Epic Event DDEP4 The Reclamation of Phlan to benefit the Game Academy a non profit that helps kids develop social skill and problem solving using tabletop RPGs.

Dungeons and Flagons is a friendly and open online community for all ages that is also LGBTQIA+ friendly and promotes a safe and tolerant atmosphere where everyone is welcome to come together and play. With currently over three thousand members from all over the world they make it easy to connect with fellow gamers. You can find everything from homebrew games to organized play such as D&D Adventurers League, Shadowrun Missions, Call of Cthulhu Cult of Chaos, and Pathfinder Society with more on the way.

They also have a few programs that are pretty nice especially for newer players. There is a mentoring program focusing primarily on helping people learn the various games as well as providing mentors and teachers for aspiring GMs. They also have several channels ranging from organized play questions and character creation to GM advice and homebrew content. They are a very helpful and welcoming community.

The charity events came about because a few of the members wondered if it would be possible for them to organize and run an online event. So in the spring of 2018 with the blessing of the site admins they ran their first event. That first event wasn’t for charity it was meant as just a dry run to see if they could pull it off. Since that first event they have put on two more, both raising money for charity. The first actual charity project raised over a thousand dollars for St. Jude's Children Cancer Research with the second benefiting The Game Academy. Since all of the organizers and DMs are volunteers 100% of what they raise actually go to whatever charity they decide to sponsor.

The last event involved over a hundred players, DMs and event staff with nineteen tables including one table for kids from the Game Academy. The games themselves are free to play, the way they raise money is by holding raffles for things donated by the people involved in the event and various gaming related companies, Twitch sponsors and by offering dice re-rolls that can be used during play.

This month's event will have a Halloween theme and will be expanded to run over two days. At present they have twelve tables planned for each night with an additional kids table each day as well, with the possibility of more depending on interest and volunteers to run tables. With each event that these guys put on it just keeps getting bigger and better attracting more players and sponsors each time. This will be their biggest event yet, with new sponsors, including a limited number of Adventurers League Certs from Wizards of the Coast. There will also be a livestream of the event on Twitch for those who would like to watch the game as it happens.

“We have some amazing donors this time around, Kraken Dice, Elderwood Academy, Easy Roller Dice Co., custom character artwork from Penflower Ink, some limited edition Certs from Wizards and more. The support from the community and the volunteer DMs has been so amazing. We couldn’t do what we do or make it successful without that help. We are excited that we can provide this service to the community, especially for people who don’t have a FLGS, make it too or afford a convention, or leave the house for whatever reasons. Online gaming can hopefully provide that and we pride ourselves on giving our players a quality experience that they will remember. ”

These guys deserve all kinds of credit for being able to pull off not only these events but also for creating a community where gamers from all over the world have a place to come together and celebrate the greatest hobby in the world. Because as anyone in the hobby could attest getting even a small group of gamers organized is akin to herding cats, and this is by far not a small group.

This article was contributed by Keith Gleason as part of EN World's News Columnist (ENWC) program. We are always on the lookout for freelance columnists! If you have a pitch, please contact us!


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