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Dwarven Forgemaster


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So, I don't know if this has been addressed before, as I can't find it anywhere on the wiki explicitly banning or changing it.

The Advanced Player's Guide has an archetype for Dwarven clerics that, among other things, basically makes them good/great item crafters. However, crafting is banned here, which is bad for the archetype, as that's about half its schtick. I, personally, can't think of any good fixes to propose, so I just thought I'd just bring some attention to it here.

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Maidhc O Casain

Na Bith Mo Riocht Tá!
Yep, the Forgemaster would be a sub-optimal choice as all of the crafting stuff would be relegated to fluff only. Great NPC class, though . . .


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I think with some minor work it would be a fun & E'n themed PC archetype choice. Most of the abilities are crafting themed but don't actually use or affect the crafting rules. The exceptions to that statement are 'Craft Magic Arms and Armor' (gain feat of the same name for free) and 'Master Smith' (craft items quicker). I think the bonus feat could easily be replaced with a Metamagic feat and would tie in to the magical background that dwarves have in our world and boost the 'Divine Smith' ability previously gained. Master Smith might be a bit trickier to replace but could be done with some thought. Maybe another enhancement to one of the previous abilities (boost Runeforger to 4+Int per day, perhaps?).


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Easy fixes. The only things that don't work well are the spell list, the 3rd level feat, and the 5th level bonus. For the spell list, remove Crafter's Curse and Crafter's Fortune, and add Dazzling Blade. For the 3rd level feat, replace Craft Arms and Armor with Improved Sunder, even if the cleric would not meet the prerequisites (like ranger feats). The fifth level bonus doesn't mean much even for real games, so I'd just increase the Greed or Lorekeeper racial bonus from +2 to +4, since these are pretty much on the same level of usefulness.

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