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Dwarves! - A Minecraft Roleplaying Server

A potent cure was found for the disease, with a day to spare before the first deaths happened. Brewed by Lokro Surja, it has saved the Outpost from a devastating blow!

More Dwarves join every day and with more updates to the skill and profession system coming every week, along with plans to update to 1.16, there's no better time to join Dwarves!

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Marshall Khestor has now become the Overseer of Zietal Mar!

In other news, the Brewery plugin will be getting a major upgrade soon, with over 800 single-ingredient recipes and 50 types of 'basic' alcohol.

A broken Dwarven ship - The Cuckoo - has foundered off the coastline. The Grol have swarmed around it, yet our brave Dwarves have ventured aboard to try and uncover its secrets!

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