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Dwarves! - A Minecraft Roleplaying Server

A potent cure was found for the disease, with a day to spare before the first deaths happened. Brewed by Lokro Surja, it has saved the Outpost from a devastating blow!

More Dwarves join every day and with more updates to the skill and profession system coming every week, along with plans to update to 1.16, there's no better time to join Dwarves!

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Marshall Khestor has now become the Overseer of Zietal Mar!

In other news, the Brewery plugin will be getting a major upgrade soon, with over 800 single-ingredient recipes and 50 types of 'basic' alcohol.

A broken Dwarven ship - The Cuckoo - has foundered off the coastline. The Grol have swarmed around it, yet our brave Dwarves have ventured aboard to try and uncover its secrets!

The Cuckoo has been salvaged and the ship is being rebuilt for our own use.

Fort Thidir has started proper construction, soon we will have a gorgeous mountain defence to keep us safe!

A lot of new Dwarves have joined in the past two weeks and Dwarves! is growing stronger every day!

Our first Megaflora has been discovered and rendered inert.

The Amanita Colossi had been converting all types of wildlife into fungal-based mobs, including Bulls and Trolls. Threatening to overrun the Outpost, and infect our Dwarves with bursts of spores, they headed into the forest to track down the mighty mushroom and destroy it.

Over 50 alcohol recipes have been introduced for the Brewery plugin! Cider, tequila, ales, vodka, brandy, rum and many more await those dedicated Brewers to figure out the correct recipes!

New pickaxes have been released, with enchantments!

We are currently discussing bringing the server over to 1.16.

The search for the All-Gem draws to a close as our intrepid Gib Andosk discovers the Chamber where it is kept. However, a powerful mechanism stands in our way and the Grol draw in - eager to take it for themselves!

Overseer Khestor has made the decision to forgo the Tribute this period, instead to focus on fortifying for a potential invasion from outside.

As the search for the All-Gem nears its finish, it is believed that Lord Voman Stoutheart will sense the intentions of the Dwarves and prepare for his arrival.

The All-Gem has been discovered!

The semi-mythical gemstone is now sitting securely within Fort Thidir of Zietal Mar. Our Dwarves are discussing options for defence, as they believe Voman Stoutheart to not be as trustworthy as he seems.

The current map has concluded!

With Voman's Invasion approaching, the Dwarves boarded their ship, The Cuckoo, in order to sail to Bormar to try to escape the wrath of their lord.

A final lore wrapup will be posted soon.

In the mean time, we are converting to 1.16 with our new map!


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Awfully Cheerful Engine!

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