Dwarves! - A Minecraft Roleplaying Server

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The new base potions have been created, with 90 to choose from. Now, the next step - Mixed Potions - is being put together. Over 700 possible combinations for Apothecaries to create, each with unique effects.

I have been playing on this server for a very long time and still have never returned there because since then, I have found a lot of other more interesting servers. If you ask somewhere, I will answer you that on minecraft.buzz. This place has become sacred to me because it is on this site that I find new servers in which it is fascinating to play. This curiosity visits me very often because exploring new maps is almost an addiction for me. And I'm not ashamed of it at all, haha.
I'd love to know who you played and what your experiences were on Dwarves! so that I can improve the server in the future.

With the discovery and repairing of the Magma Rig, it is clear that Jolvis' and his crew have been very busy in the time they have spent in the region. The now functioning-correctly machinery will have an effect on the map, the spawns, or other things that we deem necessary. Some of these things will be obvious, some may require some investigation and other things may completely pass you by.

Off in the distance, just barely visible from the docks, you think you can see the mast of a ship cresting the waves. It looks as though the Outpost may soon have a visitor! The ship is still a good distance away, but it will be here soon...

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