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D&D 5E Eberron: Convergence Manifesto


Dear Community,

I just started Across Eberron's Convergence Manifesto, the first couple sessions have been a blast, and I'd like to have a conversation with fellows who have played (spoilers ahead!), DMed or just read the adventures.

1st) I'm having a hard time understanding the overall gold rewards logic used in each adventure. First give 100gp each, second offers 100gp+100gp to the party, and this trend goes on. Did you change any of these? I'm thinking using each every time the adventure says to the party, at least in these initial adventures (I'v read up intil the 4th installment).

2nd) I haven't had the chance to read through all of them yet, but I skimmed the last one so i know where things are going, and noticed one recurring character. Are there other recurring characters?

3rd) Any other tips and tricks on improving the adventures? Like showing NPCs upfront or improving the link between adventures?

I'm using Downtime Activities from Xanathar's Guide, and specially the Artificer is very happy. I'm thinking giving something between 1 to 3 weeks of downtime between adventures. I still don't know what to do with the Religious Favor our Kalashtar Paladin got in her downtime, though...

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