The half-orc druid cannot believe everything he has come across so far. The multi-colored beads in the water, the strange mutations…. Even the sky and stars have changed. It is as if Xoriat is occurring all over again. This concerns the druid and his clan a great deal. This is why he and two others entered the New Water as the Dragonmarked have taken to calling it.

They have encountered many curious sights. Entire druid groves are gone- missing. Not destroyed- just gone. They spent the first night in a ruin of a cabin. They were attacked by an aquatic aberration called a Chuul. It killed on of his fellow druids. They remained vigilant as they continued on. Yesterday a frothing burst of bubbles came up and took him.

He resurfaced near a wall of glass. Uncertain at what this was, he adventured towards it. Using a barkskin spell, he protected his feet from hidden shards of glass in the water. He came to a wide beach where there was a dead orc druid. His friend and ally! Within it were the remains of a recently slain octopus.

DM NOTE: Forgot to mention it earlier- The warforged found a body and it was protected by an octopus.

Following the footprints as well as he could, he found they lead to a pyramid. Uncertain at what to do, he decided to follow the people into the pyramid. At least he hoped they were people- possibly adventurers. Signs of spiders and their webs were everywhere. Unless they used fire, it must have been a terribly painful battle.

He reaches a flat area at the bottom of the rungs and notes they continue going down through a spiral stairway. He begins to go down when he notes there are lights below. He hears a thud and a call of surprise (or was it disgust) and hurries down to if need be, help the people below.

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The halfling walks into a very large room. A huge statue of a slime covered fiendish mutated frog can be seen. Four large sources of fire illuminate the room. Four four foot round glossy and polished orbs sit along the walls. Each a different color- orange, blue, yellow and white. Before the statue are glowing wards. He walks up to these to investigate.

The elf has also entered a room with similar settings. It is a smaller room from the one the warlock is exploring and has only two globes- green and red. Ignoring the statue and the glyph he walks directly to the green orb. He watches his reflection on the orb as it stretches and dances with the shape of the orb and the flickering light source. The orb looks like it could be easily moved. Perhaps a hidden spot for treasure? He looks at it from several positions. His keen elven eyesight strongly hints at a secret door or opening under the orb. But is it trapped?

The warforged walks in and checks out the statue narrowly avoiding walking on the glyph. “Ugly” he rumbles to himself. He looks over to the elf whom has withdrawn his scimitar now. He taps the orb with it and nothing happens. He then pokes it causing it to wobble. Clearly it is meant to be moved. The elf braces the tip of the weapon on the orb and gives it a push. The orb rolls off the golden platform and rolls into the corner under a fire holding scone.


Then he thinks he hears something. Scratching? Chirping? A mix? Suddenly the six inch hole seems to explode with multi-colored beetles as they rush out. 100’s…..thousands….. They skitter over his feet and the area around the elf. “Ah!” exclaims the elf in surprise.

Azzime meanwhile is checking out something in the stairway. He is certain he heard a foot step. Then he hears the elf and turns drawing a club. Behind him exits a half-orc druid with his hands in the air. He didn’t want to alarm anyone at the bottom. The magic based party members turn away from the glyphs and hurry over to see what has happened.



And more beetles.

From the waist down the elf is covered by these bright colored beetles and the swarm now covers over 80 square feet and still pours out of the opening.

“Stop them!” calls out the druid. His keen eye for species of the area knows these beetles do not belong here. He has never seen these before. He fears the harm they may do to the environment around them- especially in the swamps.

The elf tries to swat at the creatures that are on him, the warforged tries to stomp on his swarm. Nothing comes of it but now they crawl over his feet. The druid notes that they are not spreading out like a mindless swarm would. They seem to be going somewhere. Then he sees it- near the fires there are cracks in the wall. Some cracks shimmer slightly of not so distant sun shine. He charges at the closest wave and slides into them. They don’t seem to be attacking- only trying to escape the room.

Controlled fireballs and magic missiles are released into the outer edges of the swarm so not to accidently strike the other allies. The halfling calls up the ability to climb the walls and gets out of the swarm’s reach and begins to attack them with Elderich energy. The druid summons up several small fire elementals into the midst of the swarm. The air quickly smells of burnt bugs and the sound of their bursting bodies from the heat. Azzime waves his torch at the swarm hoping to contain them within the room. He is not aware of the exits from the cracks in the outer wall.

The druid decides on a new strategy and crunches and slips his way across the swarm to the far side where the orb has rested in the corner. Still more insects rush out of the hole. A fire elemental has placed itself over the opening. Though most of the rushing insects die as they pass through the fires- some survive and skitter away frantically from the source of extreme heat.

Hundreds of beetles are crushed as the ½ orc rolls the orb towards the hole. He pushes it hard up and over the base and it rolls off but the elf keeps it from going too far. The elemental has fell / squeezed into the hole. How many hundreds or thousands of beetles it is burning below is unconceivable. Together, the elf and ½ orc place and steady the orb on the hole.

The insects are escaping by the hundreds into the jungle outside now through the cracks. The druid summons up an earth elemental now. Its heavy feet act as plugs in the closest crack. It and the warforged slam and stomp on the swarm trying to kill as many as possible.
The insects are everywhere!

They try to climb the walls but cannot- but they pile up in areas creating an insect ladder or ramp so they rise up the walls about two feet. Where ever he sees this, the halfling is quick to blast it apart. Having run out of area spells of destruction, the mage goes to using rays to freeze the beetles. They do not like the extreme cold either but they continue to swarm towards the four cracks in the walls.

Another elemental is summoned that blocks a second exit but the damage is already done- thousands and thousands of these bright colored beetles have escaped already.

Now with only a few strays or damaged beetles moving about the group gathers to introduce themselves to the druid and figure out what has just happened. The warforged goes on about the elf moving an orb and then to everyone’s horror- moves the red orb!!!!!!!

Having already been agitated- the beetles immediately begin to pour out! “Stupid golem wanna be!” calls out Aazime as he moves towards the rolling orb. The druid immediately stops the orb and begins to push it back to its spot. The halfling drops from the wall into the swarm to aid him. With his shortened height, he is immediately covered by the insects. The orb is rolled back into place and steadied quickly but one of the bigger cracks was within five feet of this orb. Most of the beetles escaped easily.

Everyone glares at the warforged and Aazime points to the stairway. “NOW.” He commands.

Once the warforged and the pilot have returned to the stairway the others look around some. They stay clear of the orbs. The druid and halfling had noticed that the beetles avoided the glyph but the druid had run across it to summon the earth elementals. What was the purpose of the glyph? Several of the party members take turns touching then standing on the glyph. Nothing seems to happen.

They decide to return before they possibly endanger the environment further. The druid gives a moment of prayer to his fallen brother then joins them on the boat. Occasionally a beetle appears from their clothing or possessions. They trap them or crush them to collect to show the other druids and DeCurrent. Maybe even the dragon.



Having reached the shore of the New Water and original swamp, the group climbs out. Aazime ties up the boat and turns to see- the Black Dragon. It is pacing and agitated again. “What do you have for me?”

The druid looks at the dragon. He has heard of rumors of a Black Dragon demanding information of the area from adventurers. He is not impressed.

“Two days in there is a great wall of black glass. It keeps most of the New Water out but there are a few openings.” Begins the elf.

“More.” The dragon demands.

“Demanding.” Says the halfling. Aazime steps away from the halfling.

“Did you bring back anything?” The dragon asks with a bit of acid dripping from its lip. The druid is displeased as he watches the grass curl up and die. “We found these-“ offers the druid as he flicks one dead beetle to its feet.

“What is it?” asks the dragon with suspicion.

“Dead beetle. We encounters thousands [The warforged interrupts- “Millions” ] of them within a ruin near the wall.

“It is dead. Not alive?!?” says the dragon with obvious displeasure.

Suddenly the halfling giggles and twists about. From out of his sleeve leaps a live beetle. It scurries quickly towards the dragon. The dragon reaches down to pick it up but instead it jumps over its clawed hand and up its arm. With a look of alarm- the dragon stands up to smash the beetle. Before he can the beetle stops, exposes large pincers unseen before and it burrows into the flesh at the base of the neck of the dragon.

The dragon screams and roars at the affront and swats at its body. It twists and turns in pain and snarls in rage. It storms into the swamp before anyone can react. Everyone looks at the halfling as if he purposely did that and knew what would happen. The druid takes off after the dragon but loses it in a marshy area under the water.

“This cannot be good.” Whispers the druid.

“We should destroy them- now”, says the druid once he returns to the group.

“But our reward with the woman…..” begins the warforged.

“Give her the dead ones.” Offers Aazime.

They leave to do just that.

The boat gently rocks in the water. On the gunnel…. A bright colored beetle climbs to the top. It shifts side to side then hops off onto the shore of the mainland.



The large village (a city if you ask most Shadow Marches residents) of Yrlag was visited by a Korranberg Chronicler last week. She interviewed a few people and wrote a small story that was immediately published. Because of this, swarms of adventurers, scholars, and the curious and of course- riffraff are showing up daily on the docks.

As the earliest known explorers of the area now coined New Water by the local ½ orcs and The Hidden by the reporter, the PCs are finding they are becoming popular…. This isn’t always a good thing. They are being sought after by many people to learn whatever they can of the small group. So when Grotto came to them with another job from the widow- DeCurrent- they jumped at it without asking what it was or the payment. As such, the mage was absent this time. (MtG tournament- go figure)

So once more Azzime Louder, the pilot and boat guide has been hired to bring them out to the area of obsidian crystal to explore a new area. The woman has heard of a possible means into the Valley and wants them to check it out. Uncertain about it, the guide has taken a few supplies with him for other possible ways in.

Once more it takes them three days to reach the area. They spot a few broken up smaller rowing boats but no bodies. They do not see the mysterious and intimidating Black Dragon or the robed observer that Grotto felt was an adventurer for hire named DeFiend whom has a dubious reputation at best.

On the way the guide speaks about his thoughts on the way in. They have been asked to enter the valley now referred to as The Hidden through a crack in the black glass that has formed a river entrance. Azzime fears it will be dangerous and may involve waterfalls since they saw a 100+ foot cliff everywhere last time. That kind of wild river mixed with razor sharp glass is not an idea of a good time to the otherwise cautious guide.

He hopes to either find the same cliff’s edge as before or a similar one and merely climb in using ropes. They find a similar landing with a rock edge devoid of enough glass shards to prevent them from entering the Valley. Something he didn’t think about was how to anchor the rope. All they have is sharp glass to tie to or the large row boat and hope it holds. Azzime doesn’t like the idea of either, even when the druid whom has befriended the group, offers use of wood shaping spells. Instead, Azzime suggests gathering the remains of a rowboat that is nearby and use those instead- he wants the boat in one piece to return with.

Careful to not step on the hidden shards of glass within the beads and oily dark blue water, Cornnerstone and the ½ orc druid (Rutkin Bighands) collect the wooden remains and shape an anchor that is wedged into the hard sandstone and glass. Tying three fifty foot lengths of strong silk rope together, Nailo prepares to go first. However, near the edge he hears something below. A loud and somewhat piercing buzz sound. The druid suggests they step back and return to the water. Instead, they spread out draw weapons (mentally Azzime and the druid do a facepalm). Up appears a very large dragonfly. It hovers at the cliff’s edge near the rope then speeds off over the group and into the New Water expanse. With no new threats coming or returning they begin again.

Nailo easily climbs down followed by Azzime. The halfling warlock carefully shimmies over the edge and proceeds to show off by spider climbing down the hardened orange colored sandstone Cliffside. The ½ orc goes next not noticing what the warforged is up too.

(gotta love players whom do whatever fancies their mind at the time  )

The warlock walks down with Azzime and the ½ orc feels a piece of rock bump off his shoulder. He looks up and sees a shadow of the bottom of the bow of the row boat. Then the scraping sound of the boat being pushed further out on the cliff’s edge.

Nailo reaches the bottom and looks up and sees this. He is uncertain if they are being attacked or if some strange effect is occurring. Where is the troubled (troublesome) warforged?

The answer becomes clear as with one last mighty push with the pole- the ship tilts and goes down the cliff- warforged and all. He has for some reason decided to slide off a 90 degree 110 foot cliff and ride / sail / fall within the row boat. He whizzes by the druid whom is dumbstruck (as was the player of the druid) and Azzime begins to call out curses in several languages as the warforged zips by him also while still in the boat holding the pole. The oars and a small box fall free of the boat about halfway down. It crashes loudly on the bottom within the jungle at the base with the elven ranger diving for cover.

Azzime, the halfling and the druid hurry down to find out what literally possessed the warrior to do this. After all, no sane person (even a warforged person) would ever do this on purpose between killing themselves and destroying their only way back.

Cornnerstone doesn’t feel all that well as he tries to sit up within the ruins of the boat and a few short trees and brush he crashed into and through. He is taking ALL of his repair potions now as Azzime reaches him and continues to scold / curse/yell at the most insane warforged (this even includes Nines) he has ever meant. His tirade is so great he actually intimidates the warforged into sitting down and being quiet for a while.

“Now what?” asks the elf.

“Boat is ruined…shattered beyond repair…..” grumbles the guide.

“That was as loud as it was stupid…..” begins the druid as he scans the thick brush and tall watery grass, “We should leave quickly but quietly. If anything is here, it may now know we are here.”


SYPHEROS 12, 999

“I thought I heard something in the brush ahead of us.” Warns the elf as the warforged stumbles out of the boat wreckage.

Watching carefully he spots movement. Something is attempting to move in quietly. Everyone prepares to be attacked when suddenly something rushes from the side and attempts to attack the warforged. Three other tentacle dinosaur creatures attack from the front. They were purposely getting the attention of the group.

The halfling blasts one and it screeches in pain. The others, even being prepared cannot get off good attacks because of how quickly the reptilian raptors rushed them. The injury on the creature begins to heal before his astonished eyes. He stops his prior smirking and quiet laughing (from the confrontation of the warforged and guide) and climbs the cliff wall to avoid being attacked.

Nailo quickly drops the one trying to heal while the druid holds them off. Being dressed in a mere robe is proving rough currently as the raptor’s tentacles are battering him easily. Cornnerstone drops the sneaking raptor and goes to help the others as the warlock continues to blast from above.

Shortly all of the mutated raptors are destroyed. Azzime and the druid look over the bodies. Besides the tentacles, these creatures do not belong in the swamp. This is not good. Azzime frowns deeply as he gives a sidelong glance at the boat ruins. He hopes he will survive this.

They walk along a waterway looking about. Occasionally the Druid spots one of the colored beetles they accidently released when last here. They spot small fish and other beetles in the oily dark blue water also. The swamp floor is covered with the blue beads also. They seem slightly deeper here than above the crystal wall in New Water. Still, as a jungle / swamp environment, the druid expected more signs of life.

The waterway leads to a clearing and within the clearing- a bigger- much bigger stature much like the statues seen in the ruins before. Spiked fiendish frog-like creature. It is made from a dark stone and has thick vines and vegetation growing on it. A four foot wall seems to surround the statue.

The group looks at each other warily before moving forward.


SYPHEROS 12, 999

The druid and elf walk around the parameters of the giant statue. Azzime walks up to the wall and looks about. The warlock hates this as the water is about 2 ft deep before the wall. Since he is a mere three foot tall he is not impressed and rather than looking around is happy to reach and climb the wall. Cornnerstone, whom Azzime is watchful of, eyes a spongy but above water level section of earth that comes within a few feet of the wall. What is he thinking? (really- as a DM I was wondering what he was thinking)

On the backside of the stature they find the wall closes off. It wraps around only three sides of the statue. The back side is ten feet high pedestal that the statue sits on. The druid spots white roses and cautions the elf to avoid them. Many types of white roses are aggressive and it is better to just stay away from them. At this point he hears a loud “Crack” sound from the front of the statue and goes there. On the way he spots a trail of still moist blood.

The loud sound they heard was from the warforged. He attempted to break down the wall by running at it and ramming it with his head. His first attempt was utter failure as he hit a soft soft and his foot sank deeply into the muck. The halfling enjoyed this a great deal. Azzime smirked but knew this wasn’t over as the warforged got up, pulled his foot free and reset himself for a new charge. Even as the guide called out for him to stop, the warforged charged forward and rammed his head with a leaping lunge and dented his head striking the wall.

“Are you alright?” asks the elf.

“Oh course he isn’t! He did this on his own!” Growls the guide whom begins to curse again. The druid notes he is not only cursing in many different languages (product of the dock life) but uses many religious references also. Strange even for a guide that lives on the docks. Azzime then spots something in the water. Something metallic. He pokes at it and begins to lift it then jumps back allowing it to re-submerge into the water and beads.

“What is it?” asks the halfling.

“Sword… and then some.”

Curious he pokes at the tip of the sword with a stick he has been carrying with him for just such a case. The sword is pulled free and on the hilt, still gripping it, is a large grey skinned hand. An orc hand.

The hand is removed and since the sword is too big for the halfling, he gives it to the guide. He notes it is lightly glowing. Magic!

The hand has a ring which the halfling has removed before the druid wanders over to see what they have found. He frowns as he was a part of a group of Gatekeepers that came he. He is the sole survivor from what he is aware of.

Then a shadow and the sound of something sliding over stone is heard. They look up and there are more of the tentacle raptors on the huge statue- many more.


SYPHEROS 12, 999

The druid is quick to note a slightly larger creature making honking and hissing sounds that stands on the head of the statue. It seems to be directing the other eight creatures. As such he moves wide of the statue as the others stand their ground as the creatures surge forward.

The warlock steps away from the wall through the deeper water and crawls onto the strip of land used by the warforged for his running head-butt. Nailo finds himself trapped between the raptor’s tentacle reach and the wall. Tentacles keep reaching and grasping at his outreached arm and bow. It is hard to fire a bow this way. The warforged is grabbed by several tentacles. He thrashes about trying to get free but cannot.

The warlock blasts at a few raptors but does little damage. At this point, he wishes the mage was with them (as am I- I had counted on her fireballs for this encounter). The warforged tries a strange tactic that works well in the end. He tries to whip raptors about towards the warlock. He does succeed once but doesn’t hit the warlock as he had intended. But the raptor is prone and tangled in its own tentacles- easy pickings. The guide shows some rogue skills as he stabs and pokes at the raptors and causing critical damage with most strikes.

The ranger is attacked by several raptors at once. He can do nothing. He is trapped.

The druid attracts the attention of the leader. She moves in for the attack. He is careful to line her up with the white rose. She cannot see it from her point of view and leaps to the ground to rush the druid. Before she can, she is attacked by the Vampire Rose that strikes her from behind. Satisfied with the entrapment and hearing the fearful call from the elf, the ½ orc rushes that way.

As he arrives, the elf goes down. Azzime is next as several strike him now. Panicked, the warlock rushes to the guide with a healing potion and the druid to the elf. Even as the guide is revived, a raptor leaps onto the wall to attack. The guide plays dead for a moment then strikes the raptor down. The druid is nearly killed as he strikes down a raptor looking to attack and finish off the elf. He takes it down but suddenly the leader attacks the druid from behind and the druid drops bleeding. Azzime attacks her and the elf is revived. He tries to attack her also so as to save the druid.

Azzime is struck again and drops once more. He is coming in and out of consciousness. (HP = 0) He remains lying down in the water. Best to play dead again and stay down this time.

The warforged has given up trying to swing raptors at the group and begins to finally use his arm blade as a weapon. He finishes off a few quickly this way.

They survived…. Somehow.


SYPHEROS 12, 999

Having had enough of the wetness and the raptors, the group quickly search the statue and walled in area for anything of use and begin their way back. The druid and elf lead them back to wall and eventually to a rope hanging from the top. The ruins of the boat are still here. The bodies of the dead raptors are not.

Still cautious of the unpredictable warforged warrior, the group begin to climb. The warlock once more goes first and spider climbs up. He wants to check the surface area before they get too far up. Near the top he thinks he hears a grunt and the sound of something moving. Then something…. Someone looks over the cliff’s edge. Someone big.

It grunts again and looks behind itself. Then it reaches down at the halfling. He refuses to be a victim of a reach attack. He moves to the side and climbs up. Four orcs and half-orcs are there. They are smiling and happy to see him.

The first one grunts at him again. Finally one behind him steps up. “Help you. Help you help orcs.”

The others begin to arrive. Nailo avoids being helped also. Azzime to nods a thanks then climbs up on his own. The druid gladly takes the helping hand. Once up the two half-orcs give a meaty arm shake and hard slaps on the backs.

Eventually the warforged arrives. He requires help from the four ½ orcs and the druid to climb up.

“Use rope?” the one asks.


“fame. Fortune. Women” the one calls out. The other three repet the one word of common they know- “WOMEN!”

He can’t help himself. Azzime smiles and gestures to the rope. “Go to it. Enjoy the tentacle dinosaurs.”

The one ½ orc that understood some common has already gone over the edge. The last one gives a big smile and thumbs up at the last words Azzime gives. He has no idea what a raptor is.

It will take 3-4 days to walk back without a boat.

On Sypheros 13 something in the sky floats overhead. The party misses it. An airship.


SYPHEROS 25, 999 at Grotto’s Tavern in Yrlag, northern Shadow Marches –

The town has been very loud and rowdy as of late. Many dozens of various adventuring groups have come to the river settlement of Yrlag to find their fame and fortune. As many that enter New Water or The Hidden and don’t return their numbers are still swelling within the town. Every day two or three ships arrive with more of them. Some also come through Eldeen Reaches and Droaam by horseback or foot. A rare few by airship or magical means.

Up until recently, The Dragonmarked House of Tharashk has been the law of the town. Tuskin d’Tharashk being the head. He disappeared months before (see The Hidden- not to be confused with Gamer’s Grotto: The Hidden). His cousin, Tor d’Tharashk, is now the acting commander of the law on the docks. It is clear he is losing control. He has requested more forces. Need a bigger hammer kind of mentality.

Grotto’s tavern is maxed out. Dozens of adventurer types are here drinking and whooping it up. Dranico, Cornnerstone, Rutkin and Nailo are here trying to settle down. Cornnerstone is overwhelmed by the human emotions and stands in the corner away from everyone. The others enjoy the activity.
Greesha, one of the two barmaids attempting to keep up with the customer demands, picks up the empty mugs from Rutkin and Dranico’s table. Nailo is at another section looking at job opportunities.

A group of Breland adventurers and a group from Aundair are becoming rowdier but the minute. Dranico has to shout for a refill. Stirtop, the Goblin drink mixer (non-magical alchemist) is very busy. Then it happens- How is uncertain. A spilt drink, a wrong look, or some other insult leads to raised voices, then to standing threats then before anyone knows it- pushing and a fight breaks out.

(used a template referred to as Swarm: Bar brawlers)

A man is pushed hard and tumbles into Lita’s way (the other bar maiden on duty) As he tries to get up ne grans at her in an unfriendly way. She knees him in the face. Another body is thrown over her. Before anyone can stop it there are over three dozen drinkers involved in a brawl. Rutkin does his best to reach the bar maidens to protect them. He is stopped by several brawlers fighting. Cornnerstone walks directly into the fight. He is enjoying the action. That is until four people overwhelm him at once.

A chair flies at the goblin and the cook with a chicken on his shoulder. A burst of feathers and a curse later the goblin and cook are on the floor with a chicken missing feathers running everywhere. Nailo pulls out his bow and begins to use it as a club. Dranico tries to avoid the crowd and tumbles and skitters for a wall.

A table is shattered as a man is thrown onto it. The drinks flip into the air and land on him even as he attempts to get his breath back. Another man is caught off guard as the chicken is kicked into the air and makes contact with him. He falls asleep instantly (cook is a magic user and the chicken his familiar). Another goblin within the group leaps to the wall and climbs it. It runs across the wall to the ceiling and begins to jab at fighters below while cursing in goblin.

Rutkin Big Hands helps one worker to safety then goes back for the other. He is lifted and thrown for his effort. Another defenseless table is shattered. Splinters of a chair rain onto him as two brawlers both strike at each other with chairs. Cornnerstone gets onto his knee as he hefts up four people’s weight. Two more join the pile driving him back down. He hopes the others can’t see this.

The goblin makes the mistake of jabbing at Nailo. He pulls out an arrow and fires away. The goblin is struck and pegged to the ceiling. A flailing fighter is knocked back against the bar and upends the elf that falls flat on his back. He looks up and sees the goblin begin to slide down the shaft of the arrow. Gross.

The warforged pushes up hard and sends the pile to the side. One gets up to kick him and by reflex, Cornnerstone punches him. His metal hand crushes and breaks bone. The man collapses in a bloody heap. The goblin drink mixer pours two different drinks together and shakes it. With a loud “Eh!” he tosses it into the crowd. Men screech as the drink burns at their skin and eyes. At this point the ½ orc caretaker, Grotto, charges out of his room.

Also at this point a half-orc Tharashk law keeper arrives and declares everyone must stop. They do not. In fact it gets worse. Four more ½ orcs rush in and clear an area at the door. Enter their newest weapon of peace- An Ogre!

The ogre begins by throwing two stunned men through the window much to Grotto’s displeasure. He then over turns a table (and the two men on it) and uses it to push aside several men at once. Suddenly everyone is trying to get out- including Dranico and Cornnerstone.

The halfling warlock climbs up the side of the building as he sees another several law enforcers come. Cornnerstone is not very quick climbing out the window and finds himself surrounded by the law. He weighs options quickly and decides to go for it, until one produces a wand. “Hi.” He says while raising his metal and wood arms in defeat.

He and Nailo with several dozen others from similar outbursts of fighting are placed in jail.

Sorry for the delay getting this done. Had an unexpected heart operation which has taken me out of commission for the past few weeks.

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