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This thread is intented to be an updated reference to all the monsters published for the Eberron Campaign Setting. Let me know if I'm missing any.

Eberron Campaign Setting

Ascendant Councilor
Carcass Crab
Changeling (PC race)
Dinosaur, Clawfoot
Dinosaur, Fastieth
Dinosaur, Glidewing
Dolgaunt Monk
Hag, Dusk
Homunculous, Dedicated Wright
Homunculous, Expeditious Messenger
Homunculous, Furtive Filcher
Homunculous, Iron Defender
Horrid Animal
Horse, Valenar Riding
Kalashtar (PC race)
Karrnathi Skeleton
Karrnathi Zombie
Living Spell
Magebred Animal
Rakshasa, Zakya
Shifter (PC race)
Symbiont, Living Breastplate
Symbiont, Tentacle Whip
Symbiont, Tongueworm
Undying Councilor
Undying Soldier
Warforged (PC race)
Warforged Titan
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The EN World kitten
I'm not sure if this counts, but what about the warforged race itself? It's not presented as a monster (rather, its presented as a PC race), apparently, but it would seem to count.

Same for the shifter.

Knight Otu

First Post
Do you happen to know which of these creatures have subkinds? I'm pretty sure on the homunculus and symbiont, and I suppose the Quori could have, too.


Monster Junkie
That is a very good question. I've just been trying to learn what I can from the Eberron messageboards.

Ironically, I have no interest in actually getting the book, nor in the setting in general. I just decided to make a list because I like making monster lists, and had done so for the other settings. :)

I kinda figured that the "hounculus" was a homunculus, but figured I'd err on the side of caution until someone confirmed it.

Knight Otu

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Thanks to Daeinar from the WotC boards :):

[font=verdana, arial, helvetica]Dinosaurs:
Clawfoot, Fastieth, and Glidewing.

Dolgaunt and Dolgaunt Monk.

Dedicated Wright, Expeditious Messenger, Furtive Filcher and Iron Defender.

Living Breastplate, Tentacle Whip and Tongueworm.


Monster Junkie
Well, at least I had the dinosaurs correct. :)

I'll update the rest of 'em shortly. Thanks for the help!

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