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I seem to recall that this was an idea a while ago. I was wondering; any updates to be made? I know I'd personally love to see an Eberron based room. Or did I simply miss the grand conclusion when it was made? Either way, I'd appreciate knowing, if anyone out there is better informed than I...

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I believe there was no "grand conclusion" because a new room is always open as a possibility, if (1) there's enough player interest, (2) there's an available Magi who wants to run the setting, (3) there's not a problem with uncertainty of servers, sites, other changes, etc.

The second part is probably the biggest problem. We don't have a lot of active Magi right now and there's been problems with finding qualified candidates, and difficulty in finding the time to train them. (Remember it's not just the leads having the extra time themselves, it's also got to be coordinated with times when the candidates are available.) And Siani's new vision of the Tavern is going to need extra support when it gets started.

Essentially, for a permanent Eberron room, you'd need a Magi who wants to run Eberron. It may happen someday. (It won't be me. I've got a tall, tall stack of books next to my computer but none are Eberron, and I swore I wouldn't buy any more. Otherwise it could be physically dangerous.)

Meanwhile, you could run an Eberron setting yourself, or get someone else non-Magi to run it, in the free play rooms. Remember those don't have to be full campaigns; it's enough that someone is "in charge". Set up a thread on the message boards to give some background. See what interest you can get. Set a time when those interested might be able to make it, and see who shows up. Could be a lot of fun. :)


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Eberron's my favourite world by miles. That stack of books by your computer? The one by mine's all Eberron... ;)

Actually... a campaign isn't a half bad idea. Do you know, I think I'm going to think about doing that. I recently became unemployed, so what better way to pass the day (when I'm not sending off CVs...) than to GM some random game of some sort? Hmm...

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