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Getting started here- I will edit/add stuff as I can, and I will post when complete. Hopefully I will make it in time- I had forgotten how long 3.5 characters take to build.

>Chevri Brightleaf
Shifter (Dreamsight), female; level 5; Neutral (tending Good)
Ranger 1/Druid 4
(Uses Shifter Druid racial level substitutions at D1 and D4; aiming for Moonspeaker PrC)

Str: 9 (1 pt)
Dex: 16 (18 with Beast Spirit)(6 pts, +2 racial)
Con: 12 (4 pts)
Int: 12 (6 pts, -2 racial)
Wis: 18 (includes +1 for 4th level)(13 pts)
Cha: 8 (2 pts, -2 racial)

HP: 29 (8+4+3+7+2 +5 CON; rolls at bottom of post
Align: N (G)
Saves: Fort +8, Ref: +9, Will +7 (includes +1 Cloak)
AC: 15; Flat 12; Touch 13; Leather, DEX +3
Init:+7 (+3 DEX, +2 Reckless nature +2 Shifter instincts)
BAB: +4 (1/Ranger 1, +3 Druid 4)
Languages: Common, Druidic, Orcish, Sylvan
-MW Short bow +8, 1d6-1; RI 60

[sblock=Shifter Racial Features]
>Shifter breed: Dreamsight
-Size Medium; Base Speed 30
-+2 DEX, -2 INT, -2 CHA (Included above)
-Shifting: 2x/day; lasts 8 rounds; Grants +2 WIS and Speak with Animals as spell; can spend full round action to have +5 Spot and See Invisibility for duration.
-Low-light vision
-+2 racial bonus to Balance, Climb, and Jump skills (included)
-Favored Class: Ranger

[sblock=Ranger Class Features]
-Bonus feat: Track
-Favored enemy (+2) Aberrations
-Wild empathy (see below under Druid)

[sblock= Druid Class Features]
-Wild empathy: d20+10
-Shifter Druid racial substitution (Level 1): Beast spirit (replaces Animal Companion)(At level 4, gives Alertness feat; +2 ability bonus- usually DEX, but re-assignable; Extend shifting/+2 rounds; Feral empathy/+4 Wild empathy and Handle animals; Will of the spirit/ 1 reroll of failed save vs. Enchantment sepell or effect
-Shifter druid racial substitution (Level 4): Reckless nature (replaces Resist Nature's Lure)((+2 Insight bonus to Initiative and Reflex saves, -2 penalty to Will saves)
-Woodland stride
-Trackless step
-Divine spellcasting, using Wisdom

>SPELLS DC14+level
-Level 0: 5; Light, Cure minor, Cure Minor, Create water, Naturewatch (SC)
-Level 1: 4; Detect animals or plants, Aspect of the wolf (SC), Entangle, Entangle
-Level 2: 3; Lesser restoration, Flaming sphere, Bulls strength

-Track (Ranger 1 bonus)
-Shifter Instincts (Level 1)
-Dreamsight elite (Level 3)
-Alertness (Beast spirit bonus)

>[sblock= SKILLS:]
(SP= 48; 7x4= 28/RNG 1, +5+5+5+5
-Knowledge (Nature) +13; 8r, +1 INT, +2 Druid, +2 synergy
-Knowledge (Religion) +4; 3r/cc; +1 INT
-Knowledge (geography) +2; 1r, +1 INT
-Knowledge (dungeoneering) +2; 1r, +1 INT
-Speak language +1; 1r/cc
-Survival +14; 8r, +4 WIS, +2 Druid
-Heal +12; 8r, +4 WIS
-Handle animal +13; 8r, -1 CHA, +2 Dreamsight
-Listen +8; 1r, +4 WIS, +2 Alertness, +1 Shifter instincts
-Spot +8; 1r, +4 WIS, +2 Alertness, +1 Shifter Instincts
-Concentration +3; 2r, +1 CON
-Spellcraft +2; 1r, +1 INT
-Search +2; 1r, +1 INT

-Balance +5
-Climb +1
-Hide +3
-Jump +1
-Move silent +3
-Swim -1; 0r, -1 STR

>[sblock= GEAR:]
9000 gp Starting
-Hewards handy haversack (2000 gp)
-MW Short bow
-Leather armor
-Wand (CLW)(750 gp)
-Wand (Endure elements)(750 gp)
-Cloak of resistance +1 (1000 gp)
-Ring of sustenance (2500 gp)
-Arrows (30, 10 silver, 10 iron)
-Dagger (x2)
-Explorer's outfit (x3)
-Antitoxin (2 vials)
-Healer's kit (x2)
-Spell component pouch
-Druidic totem (laced with holly and mistletoe)
-Druidic vestments (Moonspeaker/apprentice)
-Flint and steel
-Mess kit
-Belt pouch (x2)
-Signal whistle
-Ready cash (1385 gp, 4 sp; as 13x 100 gp gems, 85 gp, 4 sp)


>Chevri is small and slender, with reddish-brown hair and wide green eyes; like most shifters she seems to resemble an animal- in her case a fox. She rarely seems to speak above a whisper, and almost never looks anyone in the eyes- to most folk that she encounters she seems extremely timid and shy. Her spellcasting ability is somewhat limited, though no one has been able to determine why- while she casts normally for most spells, especially involving plants or animals, she seems unable to work magic related to weather (this is pure RP, and relates to which spells she can prepare).

>Chevri was born in a small isolated village in the Eldeen Reaches- the village was too small to have a resident druid, but they had an elderly herbalist, and Moonspeakers visited from time to time, especially on holidays. Both of Chevri's parents were hunters, and she grew up in the forest- but she was always more interested in watching or tending animals instead of hunting them. From an early age it was apparent that she was the rarest of shifter breeds and her parents were afraid that one of the traveling druids would select her as an apprentice, so they kept her out of town when the Moonspeakers were visiting. She did manage to learn the ways of the forest, and a great deal of lore from the herbalist. Despite her parents' objections, she was in town for the Naming Day festival, when all the children her age were raised to adulthood- and sure enough, a visiting Moonspeaker called her forward to serve as an apprentice. As her parents feared, Chevri left the village the next day, and she had never been back- she wants to return SOMEDAY, but things seem to come up whenever she might be able to visit. Over the course of a few years, she completed her basic studies as a druid, learning both from other shifters and from friendly orcish druids elsewhere in the Reaches. When the news of the strange events around the Hidden began to filter outward into the larger world, many druids were concerned. Chevri's mentor was one such individual, but her duties kept her in the Eldeen Reaches- instead Chevri was sent to investigate matters there, and to report back. Since the day she was chosen, Chevri's infrequent sleep has been infested with dreams of this strange new place, dreams full of omens and weirdness...

[sblock= HP] rolls 1, 3, 7, 2; roll http://www.coyotecode.net/roll/lookup.php?rollid=103150 . Reroll of 1 yields 4; roll http://www.coyotecode.net/roll/lookup.php?rollid=103152 . HP thus= 8 +4+3+7+2+5 CON= 29 [/sblock]
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hmm I am not sure what I diid wrong there, so i am using coyote code for the first time... botched trying to do it by misreading and adding the bonus command into it, which i didn't understand but the rolls are there, the bonus must need a die roll parameter which i had not added just says invalid here was my second attempt
Hit dice roll 1d6(3)+1d6(3)+1d8(3)+1d8(2)+4=15

What classes do we have going on? I lost track

I should be able to fulfill our scout/trapfinder capacity I will be leveling mostly as rogue and focussing on those skills, I see we also have a Psion, and a Druid, and Cleric now
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Buy the feat. Most family members do not have a dragonmark. Those that do tend to rise up the rankings faster.

Okay thanks, I will leave it alone for now, I get another feat at 6th level so I will commit if and when that occurs :)

Dairken is set, I'll go ahead as a psion of house Phairlan, and will elaborate his BG further after work tonight

Scott DeWar

Prof. Emeritus-Supernatural Events/Countermeasure
What happened to the stated "a bunch of rangers"? I think we need a missile launcherer . Ranger, then


First Post
In order of appearance of stats on this thread:

1 Radicus - Dairken - Elf Rogue3/Ranger2
2 Orranius - Tarrenmelk - Kalashtar Psion5
3 Me - Aric - Human Artificer5
4 Sezarious - Cyric - Human - Fighter4/Sorcerer1
5 Scotley - Vorik - Human Cleric5 (Fair melee, decent healer, a little buffing, one or two attack spells.)
6 pathfinderq1 - Chevri - Shifter Ranger1/Druid4 with shifter sub levels. Going Moonspeaker.

In combat, you can expect me to focus on buffs, followed by ranged attacks against foes that are vulnerable.
Out of combat, I'll be working on enhancing the gear of my allies.
I'll probably be sending my Homunculus off with our scout to facilitate communications.
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