D&D 5E EB's Storm King's Thunder - IC

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OOC: Don't think you can dash-dash, oh you mean move then dash as your action. Then bonus dash. You are correct 45 feet, so maybe your 10 feet closer than the map shows.


Everyone wasn't ready for Wilhelm's spell, but they quickly regroup.

OOC: Round 1 Starting now.

Posted this in INIT order, because we are using the no rolling rule. Please feel free to post before your turn comes up if you feel what anyone in front of you does won't effect your move/actions.

Darian.. AC:17 HP: 18/20 14
Wilhelm. AC:15 HP: 07/07(temp), 18/18 13
Searinox AC:12 HP: 14/14 12
Goblin AC:15 HP: 07/07 12
Goblin AC:15 HP: 07/07 12, frightened
Fareaon. AC:19 HP: 30/30 11
Buddy... AC:16 HP: 16/16 11
Halruhk. AC:17 HP: 22/24 09
Nightstone_PC map_8.jpg[/sblock]

Darian hops the fence and stabs out at the goblin twice, giving him a harsh wound but not quite finishing him off.

OOC: Attack 1 [roll0] Damage [roll1]
Attack 2 [roll2] Damage [roll3]


"Goblins! Ahaha!" shouted Halruhk as he bounded over the low fence and tromped through the pumpkin patch. When he caught up to a goblin, he swung his large axe in an overhead arc.

[roll0] for [roll1]


the magical equivalent to the number zero
Grinning with excitement that his spell worked so well, Wilhelm decides to add injury to insult, and he produces a dark lance of energy that makes his way to the fleeing goblin. The black magic appears to suck in the light around it as it speeds from the warlock's outstretched finger towards the scared pumpkin-headed goblin.

His excitement messes up his aim, however, and the magic passes over the creature's pumpkin harmlessly.

OOC: Casting Eldritch Blast: [roll0] for [roll1] force damage


Darian draws a deep gash across the chest and shoulders of the goblin as it darts by him its arms still in the air as it continues to scream, "Fetter Glop! Fetter Glop!"

The noise draws more goblins from the nearby buildings. From the trading post four goblins emerge looking about for the cause of the noise. Three have their hands full of goods from inside the building, one sees Buddy and almost immediatley his draw and the items drop to the ground. The fourth has its shortbow in hand so that when he comes around the corner and sees Fareon it takes a hasty shot at the halfling (missing by a mile).

Two goblins come out of a home on the other side of the pumpkin patch and Darian notices it is where the frighten goblin was running to the whole time. The scared gobo runs up to the other two and points back at Darian and Searinox. "Kevun Glop!" Raising their shields they slowly advance.

Halruhk makes it to the gate just as the second goblin with a pumpkin head also reaches it. The creature swings wildly before the half-orc cuts it down, pumpkin and all.

atk vs Fareon Miss
atk vs Halruhk Miss

Darian.. AC:17 HP: 18/20
Wilhelm. AC:15 HP: 07/07(temp), 18/18
Searinox AC:12 HP: 14/14

1)Goblin AC:15 HP: 00/07, dead
2)Goblin AC:15 HP: 01/07,disengage, frightened
3)Goblin AC:13 HP: 07/07
4)Goblin AC:13 HP: 07/07
5)Goblin AC:13 HP: 07/07
6)Goblin AC:13 HP: 07/07
7)Goblin AC:15 HP: 07/07
8)Goblin AC:15 HP: 07/07

Fareaon. AC:19 HP: 30/30
Buddy... AC:16 HP: 16/16
Halruhk. AC:17 HP: 22/24
Nightstone_PC map_9.jpg[/sblock]

OOC: Halruhk can move he went "after" the gobo.
Fareon may walk causally up and kill something if he wishes. i.e. go ahead and take your turn with this new info
And Buddy will finish the round.

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