D&D 5E EB's Storm King's Thunder - IC

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the magical equivalent to the number zero
Taking a chance, Wilhelm rushes into the barn, right behind Fareon. As soon as he enters, the young warlock makes a grasping motion with his hand while uttering arcane phrases that just pop into his head.

A spectral claw appears, more bone than flesh, and it reaches for one of the startled riders inside. However, the excitement of running headlong into the fight has Wilhelm slightly off balance, and the claw moves over the target's head harmlessly before disappearing into thin air.

OOC: Stealth check: [roll0]

Casting Chill Touch versus one of the bandits: [roll1] for [roll2] necrotic damage, and target cannot regain hitpoints until the start of my next turn.

Has an hour passed already, or do I still have the False Life temporary hitpoints up?

Searinox loses his thought as he keeps his eye on the hole where the serpent dissapeared in. 'keep an eye on it girl.' he communicates with Devana telepathicly.
before snapping back to the conversation in the room and slams his drink down in one gulp not even reacting to the strength of the wiskey.
with a confused look he looks around the room and starts to piece together the conversation he missed while he spaced out again.
"So how are we planning to get to the keep again?"

OOC: my apoligies for my absence, seems i missed quite alot

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