D&D 5E Ed Greenwood & Alex Kammer Working On 'The Border Kingdoms'

Designer Alex Kammer has shared some information about a Forgotten Realms expansion he and FR-creator Ed Greenwood are working on. It will be Adventurer's League-legal, and detail a frontier corner of the Forgotten Realms.

"A little project that [Ed Greenwood] and I have been working on - a brand new Border Kingdoms source book and every bit of it Adventure's League legal. A brand new map by [Mike Schley], 11 new character backgrounds, tons of lore, a ridiculous amount of new art. Coming to the DMG soon!"

There's already a Border Kingdoms PDF on DMs Guild, by Ed Greenwood, but he says of this new one: "If you bought the earlier version, you have the place-lore tour, but not the new map, the character backgrounds, or the uberplots. So you have about 80 percent of it already."

The Border Kingdoms are a politically unstable area between the Shaar and the Lake of Steam, adjoining the Shining Sea to the west. It's a warm climate, grasslands, and often filled with conflict and border skirmishes.



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Russ Morrissey

Russ Morrissey

wicked cool

is the grey monster an ogre? enemies are mage,dire wolf, manticore and ogre?

I like the gnome/Halfling hiding

overall I love the artwork and the battle combination


This is good. I'd buy any kind of "official" (and I deem everything that Ed particiapates in official, as long as FR goes), regional-guide-like suppelements, for the lore only, even if I'll use them with other systems. Really, anything that updates the classic settings in this way, rather than the big annual campaigns is a godsend for me. I wish there would be stuff like this for Ravenloft, Spelljammer, Planescape, etc.

What I don't get is how this isn't getting any official support? Like, if it's not a new on here, I'd not know about it. I didn't know about the former supplement's existence until now.

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