D&D 5E Ed Greenwood to write 5E's Forgotten Realms


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Alternate Prime Material Planes. Multiverse.

D&D has gotten away from this - or at least its fan have. There could be versions of the Forgotten Realms in which the Time of Troubles never happened; neither did the spellplague.

It's not a retcon or a roll back. It's just another Forgotten Realms. You don't have to make them compatible, what happened in one doesn't have to happen in another.

Yes, and Temporal Prime (Chronomancer) - alternate timelines (future 9 Hells etc).

...Devils with artillery could be fun.

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In my brief DMing through the realms (the only campaign arc I managed to run from start to finish with the same group that started it) I always though about Elminster as a sort of Gandalf of the realms, he is over there and he is unique and he might help or use the PC for his own ends and the characters might never meet him.
In my game the players never met him (or another of the great characters).



Having Level 30 wizards is no different than the existance of nuclear weapons in a modern setting. They do have the potential to potentially end every battle before it begins, but you don't throw them at every little problem all the time.
They need to know what problems exist, they need to know which ones require their personal intervention, they need to be ready when something really important happens, and they also need to keep in mind how much attention their personal presence draws. Because there are as many evil epic spellcasters as there a good ones.
When you have small and medium scale problems, and lots of low and mid level heroes in the area, then let those heroes deal with the problems. How many people have actually played campaigns in which the PCs where dealing with enemies so powerful that the top 10 good guys would consider it the greatest threat in the whole world at that time? If they have to take care of the problem, then it means there are no local heroes able to deal with it. In which case there is no problem, since the PCs would not have been able to do anything about it in the first place.


I don't think its the high level wizard thing that annoys people. Its the fact that he has so many templates and exceptions deliberately slotted on that a PC can never exceed him.


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Having Level 30 wizards is no different than the existance of nuclear weapons in a modern setting. <snip>

Don't know if this is how you meant it, but reading this line just inspired a whole campaign to contain a conflict before it escalated to a point where Elminster had to "get involved" and start leveling cities.

I DM more then play, and as a dm the realms suck.

MY best example was i wanted to use the red wizards as a villan. I already had many problems in the campain, but when the PCs found out that at level 7 they had to stop a evoker 5/ red wizard 5 and her small army from invading a country... there answer was to instead of comeing up with a plan, go get symbol...:uhoh::mad::.-(

I can be more detailed, but point blank there are 100 high level NPCs in my hombrew world and none of them are expected to take center stage... but in fr there are 20+ ones that everyone feels should.

Run a game in ebberon no problem... dark sun same thing. 4e realms no problem... 1e-3e realmes JLM rules the world


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As a GM, the Realms are great :D

Lots of detailed info for on the spot campaigns/sessions, a lot of inserts into your long running campaigns and lfreedom to do your own thing.

Just need to ignore those annoying high level someones, best my killing them off :cool:

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