Media Edge of the World : A 5E actual-play podcast set in the homebrew world of Bailehart



I'm Bill, and I'm one of the voice actors and players in the newly-launched roleplay and drama-heavy D&D actual play show Edge of the World. We have actually been recording and streaming for more than a year, we have just recently the first five on our podcast feed. Episodes release every Monday and Thursday.

Edge of the World is the first series in the world of Bailehart, and is the story of four individuals making their way through the Great White Emptiness of the north.

Drang of the Short Days, a fae of the proud, stern, and warlike Winter Court, is called back to her homeland to greet the Winter Emperor. Maisel Fiske, a human, an heiress, a nuisance, is fleeing north after a betrayal. Noir Steele, wrapped in a hulking suit of armor, an enforcer for the feared and respected Rust Ring Syndicate, is tasked with retrieving a betrayer of the syndicate. And Osseus, a mysterious figure cloaked head-to-toe, a boxer of some renown - he too is under the thumb of the Rust Ring, and finds himself further north than he's ever been.

Edge of the World is released on Mondays and Thursdays, with listen-alongs on Twitch on the last Friday of every month! Our first one is this week!

Info about the show, characters, and setting can be found on our website: Tales from the Tabletop.

You can join our Discord here: Join the Tales From The Tabletop Official Discord Server!

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