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Media Podcast Series - Will and Jerod Make a Game


Gamenomicon is thrilled to announce the debut of its latest podcast series: “Will and Jerod Make a Game.” Hosted by friendly local game designers Will and Jerod, this show takes listeners on a journey from concept to creation as they develop a brand-new tabletop game.

About the Podcast:

“Will and Jerod Make a Game” is a behind-the-scenes exploration of the creative process. Each episode delves into the minds of these two indie designers as they brainstorm, design, test, and refine their game idea. Whether it’s a solo adventure, a fantasy dungeon delve, a cooperative sci-fi romp, or something entirely new, listeners will witness the birth of a game from start to finish.

Meet the Hosts:

  • Will Lentz: With a track record that includes “Party First,” “Warmer in the Winter,” and a series of captivating solo games based on Gamenomicon’s Second Guess SRD, Will brings a wealth of experience and creativity to the table.
  • Jerod Leupold: Collaborating closely with Will on Party First products such as “Party First: Twilight War,” Jerod has also made a name for himself with his original creation, “Goblyn Market.” Jerod also brings years of GM experience to the table.
Episode 1: “In Search of Inspiration”

In the inaugural episode, Will and Jerod embark on their quest to find the perfect game concept. Will they choose a theme rooted in history, fantasy, or something entirely unexpected? Tune in to find out!

How to Listen:

The Gamenomicon podcast is available on all major podcast platforms, including Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and Google Podcasts. Subscribe now to join the adventure!

And if you want to prep for our eventual project launch, follow here!
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