EDITION WARS! Plus final Ultimate Campaign Preview: WAR; and TO SLAY A DRAGON

[h=3]EN World News[/h]
  • I'll be at UK Games Expo in Birmingham this weekend (24th-26th May). If you see me, please say hello! I'll be with a couple of other people wielding film cameras and microphones for much of the time.
  • TO SLAY A DRAGON (due imminently) now has its own web page.
  • Radiating Gnome take a look at the increasingly common subscription models and what they mean to the tabletop gaming industry.
  • Challenger RPG tackles Combat in Game Design 110.
  • Southern Oracle describes a D&D Next experience.

[h=3]Pathfinder RPG News[/h]
  • Erik Mona continues his weekly Pathfinder Battles minis blog - "The Skull & Shackles Adventure Path features a lot of "proper" devils from the Hells, but it also features a LOT of SEA devils." Not THE sea devils, just SOME sea devils.
  • Pathfinder t-shirts. If you like.
  • There's a new Pathfinder comic book series called Goblins!"The goblins from Paizo's Pathfinder RPG are pint-sized psychopaths, wreaking havoc across the land. Infamous for unpredictable attacks, catchy raiding songs, hatred of dogs, and fear of horses, goblins blend mischief and murderousness like no other monsters."
  • What good is a kingdom if you can't declare war on your neighbors? Part 4 in Jason Bulmahn's Ultimate Campaign preview.
Built from the popular rules found in the Kingmaker Adventure Path, this chapter takes those rules to the next level, giving you new options to allow your PCs to conquer any part of the world (or at the very least, declare war on the parts they cannot conquer). First up are rules for building and expanding a kingdom.... To that end, we added the war rules from Kingmaker and expanded upon them.

[h=3]Dungeons & Dragons News[/h]
  • This Week in D&D by Mike Mearls -- This week, Mike goes over exploration and interaction so that you can see where they are right now.
  • Dragon #423 -- "Dungeons have a primal allure to the inveterate adventurer in all of us. This month, discover the masters of the alluring dungeons, rare Underdark poisons, and the ecology of the gargoyle. Plus, the Inn of the Welcome Wench. We proudly present for your gaming pleasure, Dragon 423!"
  • Art: Dragon 423 -- Here is a full set of the illustrations from Dragon 423

[h=3]RPG News[/h]
  • EABA v2 is the "next edition of a universal rpg system, designed from the ground up for use with tablets or other computers."
  • Visions of WAR is a limited edition Paizo exclusive of collected gems by Wayne Reynolds Artworks.

[h=3]Community News[/h]

  • Sly Flourish has released a new Lazy DM Cheat Sheet designed to make it easier for you to improvise D&D NPCs, story seeds, and dungeons.
  • The Kyngdoms takes a look into the politics of Blackfen in this weeks article. The city is run by a semi-elected council who maintain nearly every aspect of life in Blackfen and are essential to the smooth running of the city, especially during this time of war. The Crown, of course, always gets the final say and always get the lion's share of all revenue raised.
  • Over at Geek's Dream Girl, check out some alternate ways to end combat in an RPG.
  • Campaign Mastery puts the SF into sci-fi games.
  • Gnome Stew discusses luck and Fudge dice.
  • Game Knight Reviews has reviewed The Stealer of Children (for Labyrinth Lord).
  • That's Not D&D! Kobold Press attacks edition warriors in Against the Nostalgia Fetish. Don asbestos suits immediately. Oh, and here's what Malach the Maleficent has to say about the subject:


[h=3]Boardgaming News[/h]
  • Figure Painter Magazine is a new independent magazine dedicated to sculpting, painting, displaying, collecting and gaming with miniature figures from all genre's. The magazine will have details on new releases, reviews, interviews with the industries top painters and sculptors, show reports, tutorials and a user gallery.
  • Mantic Games has announced that they will be bringing a Mars Attacks game to market in a deal with The Topps Company. The game will be a tabletop miniatures tactical game and feature artwork and sculpts based on the classic property.
  • Hey look! WizKids has previews up of a couple of minis for their new line of BioShock Infinite HeroClix. The first previews are of Booker & Liz, a double figure, and The Boy of Silence.
  • Have you enjoyed the 'sublime' humor of Mayfair Games' Bob & Angus Show? No? Did we mention there were sheep?

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