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Kickstarter Eldritch RPG 2nd Edition Kickstarter, coming March 30th!



On March 30th, my Kickstarter for Eldritch 2nd Edition goes live! The Eldritch Role-Playing game system made its debut in 2008, published by Goodman Games, and received many positive reviews, and the Revised Edition was released in 2013 in its own successful Kickstarter. Now, eight years later, the game has evolved and is to be further expanded! This is a game that uses polyhedral dice but celebrates the narrative while remaining unabashedly action-oriented. It is a fast game to pick up and play one-shots for those weekend warriors but also infinitely customizable for GMs desiring a system to make their own for longer campaigns. This 2nd edition will feature a streamlined and updated game system, supporting any fantasy campaign world accommodating the imaginative GM's whim, as well as updated sections on monsters, traps, and treasures, and the expanded and complete "sandbox" setting of Ainerêve. Like its predecessors, the Plyphyny System (www.plyphyny.com), including its spiritual predecessor Eldritch and the new Jordenheim RPG, is unabashedly narratively and action-oriented, emphasizing story over tactics and does not require miniatures. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/eldritch/eldritch-rpg-2nd-edition

If you're at all interested, please take my survey! Eldritch 2nd Edition Survey!


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