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WOIN Elements of Magic as a replacement for tech in a Space Fantasy campaign


Elements of Magic is really flexible and I have been wanting to do a space fantasy campaign where technology is mostly magical devices. Has anyone tried using a modified version of Elements of Magic as a basis for magical artifice "technology"? The structure and ability to cost out different effects makes it really tempting to me as a unified system for personal, device, and vehicle based magical effects.


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It would work very well; it's simply "reflavouring" spells. I think the only danger there is that if you use that points system to create an "at-will" device you've effectively given somebody infinite MP. You'd need to limit the use of the items; possibly through some kind of arcane battery which recharges itself once per day? (You'd have to make sure PCs couldn't just buy dozens of batteries though).


I am also thinking of "casting stations" on spaceships. They would allow a caster to have their normally personal level spells work in space combat. Yes, this is heavily influenced by Glynn Stewart's "Starship's Mage" series.