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Release Elysium's Compendium of Magic Items - Over 140+ Magic Items


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PACKED with Over 140+ Magic Items for ANY Campaign

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For fellow DMs looking to reward their dedicated players at the end of a quest or to equip their villainous NPCs with dangerous world ending artifacts, you will definitely find something in this book to help you with your campaign.

These magic items are divided into EIGHT categories:

FIRE: Burn your enemies. Harness the heat of fevers. Die in a BLAZE of glory.

WATER: Control the waves. Freeze the living. Conquer the sea.

EARTH: Bolster your defenses. Crush like mountains. Build like grand architects.

AIR: Take flight. Weave illusions. Summon vicious storms.

NATURE: Control the wilderness. Be blessed with life. Tame the hordes.

DEATH: Embrace necromancy. Connect to the underworld. Suffocate all light.

ASTRAL: Channel the stars. Invade minds. Call the holy.

BLOOD: Yearn for blood. Upgrade your heart. Contracts to demons.

From simple trinkets to powerful weapons to campaign changing artifacts, these items will provide ENDLESS possibilities to your games.

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Mythological Figures & Maleficent Monsters