Astinus' Ledger released on Dm's guild: a big book of magic items, trinkets, and story hooks with an unreliable narrator


Astinus' Ledger of Unknowns has released on DM's Guild!

Rediscover Krynn for 5e with a flavorful exploration of some of it's stranger items and people. This supplement hands you completely new magic items of every type and rarity level along with bizarre shopkeepers to sell them. It also gives you short story hooks to build your own adventures off of, and trinkets that fit seamlessly into Krynn. The entire tale is told through the perspective of the erratic narrator, Jacob Bilstone, who believes he has found Astinus' lost tome. You'll have to read his notes and comments in the margins to see how his story ends!

Inside you'll find:
  • 50 trinkets to give to players, all tailored to the customs, history, and style of Krynn
  • Over 40 magic items, with rarity ranging from common to artifact. Discover dice from the god Reorx, or a cube created to distract and confuse Kender!
  • 20 hidden mysteries or story hooks, handing you unique ideas to build your own narratives within the world of Krynn. What is this gargantuan egg? Did the Wibblegib just say we were going to die tomorrow?
  • 3 traveling merchants designed to fit anywhere within Krynn and oozing with character.
  • An erratic narrator. Who are they? What will become of them? Can they be trusted?

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