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Email notifications being sent when option is deselected.


Slayer of Keraptis
As the title says. I went and made sure the check box was unselected for email notifications, but I’m still getting emails half of the time when someone makes a comment on a thread I’ve commented on. Only half the time though. It’s odd.


Prodigal Member
...or maybe I misunderstood how it works. It seems that on the Watched Threads page, the checkbox with "Email" next to it is not an indicator, it's a selection checkbox.

Let me see what happens now...


Prodigal Member
Well, it's still unclear to me exactly how it works, but I know how to turn emails off. :D

To not get email notifications, first go to your Preferences and turn off two checkboxes labeled "and receive email notifications", and click "Save".
Then go to Watched Threads, go to the bottom of the page, click "Select all", select "Disable email notifications" in the dropdown, and click "Go".