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EN Publishing is Hiring: Publishing Administrator (UK/Part-time)

EN Publishing is a publisher of tabletop roleplaying games, and is the owner of the tabletop RPG news website EN World. We are looking for a reliable, motivated Publishing Administrator able to work on their own initiative and meet important deadlines. This job involves a wide variety of responsibilities at all levels of the publishing process.

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Do you love tabletop roleplaying games? Are you the sort of person who can be given a task, and then figure out how to complete it? Are you able to work without supervision and get results?

The Position

  • Part time, approximately 10 hours per week with additional work as needed
  • Starting at £15/hour, paid monthly
  • Contractor position
  • UK-based, working from home

Key Responsibilities

  • Book keeping and liaising with the company’s accountant and HMRC
  • Liaising with printers, shippers, warehousers, and distribution companies to bring books to market
  • Calculating shipping, warehousing, and printing costs
  • Organising convention appearances and helping represent the company at conventions
  • Commissioning marketing materials
  • Communicating with suppliers, partners, licensors, and customers
  • Updating product information online
  • Managing and communicating with reviewers
  • Recruiting and managing freelancers in a variety of roles
  • Maintaining records of ISBNs and SKUs
  • Assisting with setting up and managing Kickstarter campaigns
  • Coordinate playtest and demo teams
  • Arrange interviews and promotional appearances
  • Maintain constant, timely, and regular communication with the business owner

The Candidate

  • UK-based
  • Reliable and able to work without supervision
  • Familiarity with the tabletop roleplaying game industry and ENP’s own product lines
  • Enthusiastic about creating tabletop RPG products
  • Available to attend major UK conventions, such as UKGE and Dragonmeet
  • Proficiency with spreadsheets, world processing, and other desktop publishing packages
  • Understands the importance of confidentiality
  • Shares ENP’s values of inclusivity

To Apply

Send a covering email and attach your C.V. to morrus@hotmail.com with the subject line “ENP JOB APPLICATION” (all caps). Closes Friday March 8th.
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