EN World City Project: NPC Contest #2... Final Round Ingredients!!!


Hail and Well Met, EN Worlders!

Right on the heels of the incredibly successful first NPC Contest... comes The EN World City Project NPC Contest #2. We already have some folks that signed up for this contest. They are listed in the next post.

The EN World City Project would like you to join us in the creation of Mor's End. More specifically, we need your help with NPCs to people the bustling streets of Mor's End.

Mor's End is a city-state on the edge of civilization. The city serves as a caravan hub. As such, it has become a melting pot of diverse cultures, races and ideas. Mor's End has a wealth of natural resources. From the sapphires that are found in the Mor River to the silk produced from the tendrils of the Silk Fish of Lake Enoria.

Being out on the edge of civilization presents Mor's End with unique challenges. The swamps and forests to the south of the city are filled with danger. Several humanoid raids have come from the swamps. The lands to the north, though safer, are not quite tame either.

The city's population is 10,200. The racial makeup of the city is... 40% human, 20% dwarf, 13% gnome, 8% humanoid, 6% halfling, 6% elf, 4% half-orc, 2% monstrous, 1% half-elf.

In keeping with the Iron DM, Iron NPC, and Ceramic DM traditions of the EN World Messageboards we will be holding a series of contests to develop the inhabitants of Mor's End.

Contest 1 = CR 0 - 2 - Completed
Contest 2 = CR 3 - 4
Contest 3 = CR 5 - 6
Contest 4 = CR 7 - 8
Contest 5 = CR 9+
Contest 6 = Monstrous

This is the second of that series. Here are the ground rules for this contest.

CR: 3 - 4
Race: any Humanoid
Time Limit: 48 hours
Ingredients: There will be 4 ingredients per round. One of those ingredients will be a Key Phrase as in "Beggars can't Be Choosers". The other three ingredients can be anything: objects, places, ideas, phrases, etc.

Key Phrase: "Beggars can't be choosers"
Other Ingredients: a scarlet feather, a circle of trees, "Bury the hatchet"

One round will consist of two contestants having 48 hours to create their NPC and post it to this thread.

The ingredients should be used in the background of the NPC. The Key Phrase should be integral to the background of the NPC. How the contestants weave the The Key Phrase into the background will be considered in judging.

The NPC should provide at least one plot hook for player characters to explore. If your NPC background/plot hook requires it... please provide statblocks for all major NPCs with which player characters may need to interact.

Only the main NPC is limited to the CR requirement. Your other NPCs may be other CRs... however, it should be noted that making the CRs too high will limit the usefulness of your plot hook. One way around this is to create more than one version of your other NPC. For example, you can make CR 2, CR 5 and CR 8 versions... or anything in between.

There is no length requirement or limit. Keep in mind that contestants only have 48 hours to complete the NPC.

Judging will be done by two EN World City Project Team Members.

Please use d20 Standard statblocks: http://www.d20statblock.org/standard/examples.html
Here's a useful statblock tool: http://mwtools.thyle.net/sb_gen.html

If you would like to see other NPC Submissions received during our open call check out these threads...

NPC Submissions

Crafts & Trade Submissions

This thread has links to the various EN World City Project Threads... including Geography, History, Guilds and Organizations, Military Structure and Government...


If you are interested in participating in the contest, please post to this thread. Once we have eight contestants we will start the contest.

Good Luck,
The EN World City Project Team

EDIT: I would also like to note that this contest has a grand prize!!! A Magical Medieval Society: Western Europe from Expeditious Retreat Press.
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Here is the list of folks that have asked to participate in contest #2.

Pagan Priest

I was just pulling those names from the posts in contest #1 and I didn't realize that we almost have a full set of contestants. If we get a bunch of interest for this contest... I may have to run Contest #3 concurrently. Hmmm... Either that or we can shoot for 16 contestants in Contest #2. :)

Those that are listed above... I will attempt to e-mail based on the address in your profile. I will also place a link to this contest in the Contest #1 thread.



I e-mailed everyone on the list above, except Ashon, whose e-mail address is not listed in his profile. As soon as we get enough contestants confirmed, we can get this contest started.



First Post
I'll sign up for Contest 2 (as an alternate if need be), or Contest 3 if run concurrently. I liked it last time, and will throw my hat in the ring again if there's room.

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