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Now tell me how it's so that one gets say something but another isn't allowed to criticise and rebut it?

Inclusive only to those who join into the wankfest, right?

As long it's ok to post pro-something it should be ok to post anti-something don't you think? That would be equal and open and inclusive.

Some things has nothing to do with RPG's but still are present and pushed on everyone. Some don't agree with those things and are excluded from your "open and inclusive community".

I'd think you should rethink your policies and think them hard. Then again I doubt you will do that. That would be too logical thing to do.

I have the feeling that this is also somehow not within the rules to start open discussion of the policies in "open and inclusive community", right?

I was told to have a PM conversation about the matter of rules if I felt like it, but that's just brushing things under the rug. If you live by your "open" statement in your "open and inclusive community" these things should be ok to talk in public, right?



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I am too much the optimist, I am afraid. I'd hope you'd learn to leave your issues at the door.

Our policies clearly state, "We do not subscribe to the argument that tolerance means that we need to tolerate intolerance or that inclusivity means that we need to include non-inclusiveness." Your argument here isn't new, and it isn't constructive.

Good bye.


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Yawn. Anybody who comes at us with Popper's Paradox is nearly 75 years too late, I'm afraid. F for originality.

For clarity, we do not tolerate intolerance and won't be persuaded to do so with linguistic tricks.
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