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I was asked during our grand opening if we'd like to host a EN World Game Day event at our store. Well we now regularly host 30 player MTG tournaments on Friday Nights and have several groups of RPG players meeting at the store throughout the week. Clix events on Mondays, etc. So I think we're finally ready to host an EN World Game Day at Game Universe: http://www.Game-Universe.com

If you're not aware, we are the same company as RPGShop.com and RPGNow.com and handle all the sales for the EN World RPG Shop here. So we do have EN World T-Shirts and many unique Print on Demand products on hand. Our 3000 sq ft store is packed with RPG products and miniatures (including singles of the D&D minis).

Anyway, with Game Fest Milwaukee coming up (July 9-11) I was hoping to run an event sometime in June. We'd be able to give out passes for Game Fest convention as we're co-promoting it plus some other donated prizes. We'd also be willing to offer everyone wearing a costume or enworld tshirt a special discount at the register.

We can support about 3 or 4 RPGs going at once though it might be a bit crowded. So there isnt' a huge amount of gaming space, but we can make room. But we've had 40 + players in the store at one time in the past.

So, I ask, is this something anyone is interested in? Anyone want to help orginize this? What days are best?

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I would be interested as a player, maybe DM. I wouldn't be much help setting it up since I live in upper wisconsin, but I think this would be fun. I have played there before with the group(Rat Bastards) that plays Saturday evening. Hopefully, we'll get more people that will show interest.

Milwaukee Gameday - YES!

James: I can organize this shin-dig! I was there during the grand opening, with Mark and thalmin (from Chicago). I was also there about a week ago buying a bunch of stuff (most memorably, wooden dice).

The last Saturday in June is the Chicago Gameday, so some *other* Saturday would be best. :)

How many different tables can we set up, without impinging on the store? I've seen gamers in the back area, plus by the front door. I assume we can get 3-4 tables running at once.

Anyone want to run an event? Post here! I will start an official thread once we get some details finalized. And if anyone wants to donate prizes, post here or email me.

This will be fun!
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Trance Fiend

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No more takers huh? Guys, you know I'm all for it. If we could get a date set, it would help. The beginning of July would work for me(any weekend).

Trance Fiend said:
No more takers huh? Guys, you know I'm all for it. If we could get a date set, it would help. The beginning of July would work for me(any weekend).

James wants to cross-promote with Gamefest Milwaukee, which is July 9-11.

Chicago Gameday is June 26.

I see the available options as:

June 19
July 3

(see how I cleverly left off June 12, since I am busy that day ;) )

Since July 3 is a holiday weekend, I'm not sure that's a good time for a Gameday. But maybe people want to game, in celebration of Independence Day.

Any chance you can make June 19th? That gives us about a month to plan this party.

Anyone else have thoughts on a date? (June 12, June 19, or July 3)?

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