EN World photos - post yours! (was "Secrets")


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As long as the thread continues, maybe one of my dog? (notice the little tounge sticking out :) )

...as far as a calendar goes: let's not get too competitive here, my fragile ego can't take it
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Hmmm...since i cant get a pic, ill describe myself.
6 ft tall, long dark hair (past my shoulders), little facial hair (i hate the stuff...cant sleep w/ it), brown eyes, and almost always have a pentagram medallion around my neck.....other than that is subject to change.....

Larry Fitz

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Over? It's not over till Dragongirl says it's over! Was it over when people started flaming each other over piracy? Was it over when posts made Eric's Grandma swoon? Was it over when Fonzie jumped the shark while wearing his leather jacket?

Ummm... ok, maybe it is over.....

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