EN World photos - post yours! (was "Secrets")


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Just me or do they look similar?


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The It's Man

Janos Audron said:
/me thinks he should ask Fey for one.
Ask Fey a picture of me? You make me blush...

If you want a pic of Fey instead, I suggest you take it to No Tomorrow, the chance of her noticing it there is bigger as she hasn't post here for more than a year.


The only clear pic I have of me would shock Eric's grandma.

Maybe after I get the tattoo finished, Swack-Iron can photoshop up something that hides my tentacles...


Clockwork Golem
The only electronic pic I've got of me is the one in my avatar, which is a year or four out of date and it seems silly to post a larger version.

Time to go looking. I'm sure one of my friends should have one they can send me...

Andrew D. Gable

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OK, I guess I'll play along with your sick and twisted little game.

Here's me. Nasty, blurry, blocky, pixellated ugly pic...and about a year old too.

Don't say you weren't warned. :)


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