EN World photos - post yours! (was "Secrets")


Wow, great thread! And who says gamers are homely???

Many of you know that I have pined for facial hair for years. Sadly, I can't grow a beard though I'd dearly love one. Last year Mobius Bard whipped up a few inspired works of Photoshop Magic to ease my pain...
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EcCenTriC fairy

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I'll probably lose respectability because of my age, but I'll post my picture anyway.

This is a picture of my boyfriend and me at the prom last May.

EDIT: Oh yeah, we both wear glasses. :p


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Here's a pic of myself and my lovely girlfriend.

I'm the bald one.

Thankfully I'm about 25-30 pounds lighter now than in this pic.


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Ok, I put this up in the self portrait art thread a day or so ago, but I'll repost it here for those who never look over there.


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I'm torn between admiring Sialla's artistic skills (again) and noting that she looks much cuter in person.

Uh, is that Bandeeto over there sharpening a machete and looking at me speculatively?


What? Me Worry?
Jeez...this thread is makin' me feel really old. Even guys like Piratecat and Eric, who are within a stone's throw of my age, look like the guys who played midnight baseball with my mailbox. Get off my lawn!

Well, Mark looks about my age. He also looks like my screenwriting professor.

I have no beard, nor could I grow one if I tried--it's patchy, and about half of it is this pale blonde crap--but hot damn, do I ever have glasses. I'm as blind as a bat--but I always wear contacts.

Darrin Drader

Alright I'll bite.

Here's what I look like. This was taken under an overpass as a friend of mine and I hiked from downtown San Francisco to the Golden Gate Bridge. I'm still sore from all that walking and it was last summer. No, I don't live in California. I live in Western Washington and was in SF for a wedding.
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