EN World photos - post yours! (was "Secrets")

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Sialia said:
Ok, I put this up in the self portrait art thread a day or so ago, but I'll repost it here for those who never look over there.

And yet another dispellment of that myth about female gamers.


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Malessa said:
With all the mocking and nastiness going on, I'm almost afraid to do this... but... here's me. This is NOT what I look like when I first get up in the morning.


mock, no.


ENnies winner and NOT Scrappy Doo
I am almost gamer average.

* At least one tatoo
* Wears glasses (or needs to going by the amount of silly question asked here)
* Likes hard rock or heavy metal

I don't like Hard Rock or Heavy Metal, but I love heavy industrial. So I think I qualify.

Here are some pics of my gamers - these were taken about two years ago when we were playing deadEarth


That's Squidhead on the left (artist for TCLoG'UNA & LE2) and Dacry on the right (mr anti-d20, and my best man).


D8 on the left, Half-Mad in the middle, me on the right


Tony (Squidhead) showing someone how to make a character at CanGames.


Denise (Dextra), boothbabe.

(more incoming)


ENnies winner and NOT Scrappy Doo
Here is Alex on Denise's lap - Denise is in a wheelchair in this shot (broken ankle, remember?)


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ENnies winner and NOT Scrappy Doo
The morning after solstice.

left to right:

Floyd Gecko - resident math-guy (currently getting his doctorate @ berkley)

Steph - I actually don't know much about Steph. She always comes down with Judy, they love beer. Great girl. First time I've ever seen her with "normal" hair.

Alex (front row, lying down) - Punk

Judy - aka NRA Judy. This girl is all about beer and guns. We love her dearly. She and Steph drove here from Baltimore for Solstice.


(No comments please, it's the morning after, we are ALL messed up in this photo after an all-night party of booze & drugs and all that good stuff. We light a bonfire at sunset and keep it burning ALL night long for the longest night of the year.)


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