EN World photos - post yours! (was "Secrets")

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With my Christmas gift

Me with a nice Torch older (Candle older in reality)
<img src="http://www.rpgzone.org/images/Pakman.gif">

Larry Fitz

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Because Dragongirl really likes this thread, and I can use it to publicize my LARP (we have one player who flies out every month from Arizona BTW, DG), here is yet another pic of me, from the LARP. In this one, I appeared out of thin air as this particular character, a powerful Mage who has been missing (along with the other 5000 residents of the town he lived in)for the better part of five years. His apearance however lasted only 5 minutes, a conundrum the PC's are still wrestling with.


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Lichtenhart said:
I got introduced to RPGs at my first camp too :cool:

Damn, the memories.

That was also my first RPG experience. Some of the higher ranking scouts were talking about flaming swords and killing "Orrks."

We used envelopes filled with numbered chits we made up from paper confetti and gamed the night away.

And to be fair, here is my pic as well, taken this year.


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That's all I can find on my computer right now, so there you have my children, my bird and my headless torso. Beard, no glasses and I'm wearing a Summer Sanitarium 2000 Concert T shirt (Metallica, Korn, Kid Rock, System of a Down, Powerman 5000), to answer the profile question, oh yea no tattoos.


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Alzrius said:

Wow, Dante Hicks finally cleaned himself up I see! And he looks so much happier for it too! ;)

That is too scary to be true. I am ususally the fellow who goes "No. No! It's my day off. No. Okay, I'll be there."

I knew how Dante felt, I just never realized I looked like him too. :) Now I just have to avoid any monkeys with scaples.
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Ah well, score another point for glasses, goatee, and a healty spare tire...

This is me on an average day


This is me in my "grunge rocker" mode


Interestingly enough, both pics were taken on the same day.


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