EN World photos - post yours! (was "Secrets")

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Tallarn said:
More beards and glasses. told you.

does anyone here (male!) NOT have a beard or wear glasses? Have we found the physical characteristics of the GAMER gene?

Of the five guys in my gaming group three of us have gotees and two wear glasses.


I don't normally do this, but, ah, what the heck - why not join in the spirit of fun while I'm hyped up on painkillers?

This is my senior picture from high school, taken little more than a year ago. I haven't changed much, 'cept I've let my hair grow and am slowly letting it become a ponytail.


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Morrus said:
And if anyone can help me fill in the names on this shot, I'd be grateful.

Front row, we have (from the left): Rangerwickett, someone I don't recognise, Teflon Billy and Michael Morris. You can also see a few publishers dotted around the place - Ambient are in the second row from the front, the Green Ronin guys and the Malhavoc creware standing at the back. I remember seeing John Nephew to the right, in the middle (sitting down) but I can't make him out here. Perhaps he's just out of shot.


I think I see Jim Butler down in the front in the black shirt.


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Sorry dont have abn elec picture on file on this machine, but Ill scout around.

But he you pretty much know what I look like. (beard-glasses)

btw Its man: very nice pic, very you :)


Here's one of most of my group, taken about two years ago.

Back row, L to R: Blackjack (plays Malachite), Fajitas (plays Shara), Raevynn (plays Raevynn), Bandeeto (plays Arcade), The Crawling Chaos (too young to play), Sialia (plays Dylrath), me, Rofan's player, Sito Rotavele (plays Claris)

Front row, L to R: WisdomLikeSilence (plays Kiri), Dr. Rictus (plays Palladio), KidCthulhu (plays Nolin), Jobu (plays Tao), TomTom's player.

It's a fun pic. :D


Negative Zero

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thanks to my spectacular HD crash, this pic of me and my girlfriend, is the only one that i have right now. ... i'm the one with the beard :p (and yes that is a turtle in my hand ... her name is Jean)


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(Me attempting to blind inquisitive
committee members with my laser pointer)

(Me and alsih2o, many years previous, in KY, as you might judge from the ceiling)

The beard and glasses come and go willy-nilly.


Negative Zero said:
thanks to my spectacular HD crash, this pic of me and my girlfriend, is the only one that i have right now.

I knew I had to be good for something! Ask, and ye shall receive. :p


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This a pic Nicole calls the "Gang of Four." From left to right: me, Nicole (my GR partner in crime), Jess Lebow (co-author of Hell in Freeport and former book publisher editor at WotC), and Katherine (circus goddess and one of the regulars in my game group). This picture was taken at Nobu in Las Vegas, after an orgasmic Japanese dinner.


Fast Learner

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alsih2o said:
i showed marks pic to my wife, she pointed out that with the dark background he looks like on of the preserved heads form "Futurama"....i can see it now...mark, papa g and a few others, making little boys roll dice for their preserved heads :D
Here's Mark's head in a jar:


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cthuluftaghn said:
Hmm... probably wouldn't be asking if you weren't much older than you look. I'm gonna have to go with 31, but look about 17.

Too clever by half :) AGGEMAM is closer. I'm 28. A student of mine this semester said I look 14 :D

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