EN World photos - post yours! (was "Secrets")

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Piratecat said:
Eric Noah, typically stylish AND unflappable.
Piratecat (me!), giving Eric an attractive and complimentary set of head appendages.
Morrus, giving me bunny ears, that utter bastard!
Mark, looking Evil. Hot Italian Beef indeed!
Morrus' friend Inconsequent-AL.
KidCthulhu, remarkably un-squid-like.
Nemmerle, looking too cool for words.

Geez, three admins on one side of the table - no wonder everyone else is leaning away from us!

Leaning away...? I'm just drinking behind your backs... ;)


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Tokiwong said:

Thanks, I got it this Christmas from me mum, she ahs good taste :) damn i should have posted one with me and my girl, oh well, looking good garyh

Thanks Tokiwong, you're looking snazzy yourself.

Ya see, my g/f is the one with the camera in the relationship, so all my pics are with her, and usually the camera only comes with us to something fancy, like a cruise (first) or a birthday dinner (second). So that's really why there's no pic of me in jeans and a t-shirt, wearing an Angels cap. ;)


I'm such a ham...so I can't resist the opportunity to post a pic of our gaming group (again). This is our Christmas photo. Yep, I know about the hair-sprout thing; I had just taken off the Santa hat and passed it to Frank just moments earlier.

If you have not already done so, you might consider taking a picture of your gaming group. Who knows...years down the road it may be something you look upon with great nostalgia. Time does fly.

Here's the pic of our group...from left to right: Derek, Me (Caudor), Frank (my brother), and Daniel:



For pic of me, look at my avatar.

For a bigger and more embarrasing pics, you can look at the .sig of a certain hiveminder...
Horacio blushes

There is a picture of a portion of my gaming group at GenCon2001 in the archived photo thread...but I'll post one of my sexy self :D

This is Spongebob and I at the brand-spankin' new Meijer in town. (And god knows, we NEED to have TWO Meijer's in the same town of 55,000 people...)


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Drew said:
I love it when these threads pop up. Let's see...

Liquide, what kind of bonus do you get to intimidate checks? You look pretty intense there...

It is a passport photo :D OK, and you be the judge of my intimidation curcumstance modifier.
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Privateer said:
Liquide... you are now my campaign's villian. You look just like I envisioned him... feel free to be honored or offended, your choice.

I do not know why people always tend to screm EVIL when they see photos of me :D , but no offense taken even lil bit honored.

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