Critical Role EN World's Critical Role Roundup 008: Enter the Zone of Truth

The character of Yasha returns to the group, the Mighty Nein meet the Gentleman, and everyone – including Molly – learns a lot about Molly's past!

Bad news for Critical Role fans: Laura is out sick.

Good news for Critical Role fans: Ashley is back for the summer, so her character of Yasha should be part of the game consistently for a while!

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A brief and messy celebration was held in honor of Ashley's return.​

Picking up where we left off last week, a black tabaxi embraces Molly, saying, "Lucien! You're alive!" (I was mistaken last week; the tabaxi is female.)

Molly, quietly to Fjord: "I'm sorry, this is my nightmare, please just go with it. It's Lucien. Pass it on."

As they enter, they notice people on balconies around the room while holding rifles -- "an emerging technology" in this part of the world -- guarding the floor.

Taliesin: "Literally everything coming back to haunt me, okay, cool."

The Mighty Nein turn around and notice Yasha is there. She followed them in. Molly tells her quickly, "It's Lucien from two years ago." Yasha understands something is up. Molly insists to everyone that he will explain later.

The tabaxi, named Cree, calls Molly "Nonagon" and apologizes for calling him Lucien, his "old name." She hints at a little information about Molly's past. He plays along so she doesn't suspect he doesn't remember her.

The Mighty Nein meet the Gentleman, a well-dressed man with constantly damp, teal skin. He knows of the group's exploits through Kara from the Knights of Requital. His business deals in a lot of smuggling and contraband. He is pleased that corrupt Lord Sutan was arrested thanks to their handiwork. He also mentions that a purple-skinned tiefling with ostentatious clothing and a dark-skinned, athletic woman are wanted in connection with the murder of the High Richter, so they need help clearing their names. He wants to exchange favors.

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Underworld deals always turn out well, right?​

About a mile outside the city, down an underground river, some of the Gentleman's people found an "abandoned research facility from ages past." An investigating team was frightened away by some glowing, spectral globes: will-o'-wisps. He wants the Mighty Nein to go clear out the lab. If they succeed, the Gentleman will clear their names, help Molly keep a low profile, and help smuggle Horus out of the city.

The deal is made. The Gentleman requests a small vial of blood from each member for tracking purposes, in case they try to run out on their business and need to be found. Cree can manipulate blood from a small cut, floating it through the air into a vial. She has some blood hunter abilities like Molly's. Everyone complies before returning to the Leaky Tap.

Yasha mentions that she is from Xhorhas, but the southern region, not the same area the drow are from.

Back at the inn, the party gathers in one room to talk to Molly. Laura texts the players that Jester casts Zone of Truth, affecting everyone but Fjord and Beau. Here's what we learn:

Cree said they once were "part of the same order." Led by Lucien, they broke away and started the Tomb Takers. There's a cultish vibe when she talks about Lucien. A ritual involving a spellbook Lucien obtained and a "lady spellslinger from the capitol" apparently left Lucien dead. They buried him and scattered, but Cree and the other Tomb Takers believed he would return someday.

Molly's first memory is waking up buried in the dirt two years ago. He soon found the circus a few days later, and only could say the word "empty" at first. A few months later, he discovered his blood hunter abilities. He already had some of the tattoos, but added more to camouflage four spots on his body that bleed whenever he uses his powers. He doesn't remember Cree, the name Lucien, or any other details.

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A smorgasbord of scowls while Molly tries to explain.​

"Whoever [Lucien] was came to that end, and I want nothing to do with that," he says. He sometimes gets flashes of memory that don't feel good, and he pushes them away. He found peace in building a new person. "Joy can fill an awful lot of a person's life."

Jester interjects a question via text: "Is there anyone in the group you find super attractive?" Molly answers "yes," but the question was aimed at Yasha. She also says yes, there are people here who are attractive and charming, but she doesn't know if she will ever want to act on it.

Molly also mentions the Moonweaver, a chaotic good elven goddess whose worship is not approved by the Dwendalian Empire. His swords are not magical, only decorated with carnival glass to look special. He uses fortunes to tell people what he sees in them, though he sometimes feels a tickle in the back of his head as if he may have some psychic ability. "I may be a liar, but I'm never a betrayer. I'm honest in my work and believe in doing a good turn."

Everyone is more or less satisfied with the conversation. Beau and Nott both like Molly better now. He likes them both more and less.

The next day, Fjord attunes to the magic longsword, extending his pact into the weapon. He can drop it into the pocket like the falchion, but when he summons it again, it has the same barnacles and dripping seawater.

They make another supply run to the Invulnerable Vagrant to buy holy water, healing potions, and a Cloak of Protection for Fjord.

Later, everyone meets at the Evening Nip to deal with the will-o'-wisps. They are blindfolded and taken below to the underground river. They receive two small boats and set off down the river towards the ancient lab. Cliffhanger!

Play of the Game
Laura texting in Jester's Zone of Truth spell was a game-changer!

Quote of the Week
"Let me make this abundantly clear: my name is Molly. That person is dead, and not me. That's just a person who had this body. They abandoned it. It's mine now."

Context-Free Comedy
Nott: "If you die, I'm sorry!"

contributed by Annie Bulloch

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