Critical Role EN World's Critical Role Roundup 010: The Mighty Nein Get Far Out

Join the Mighty Nein as they fight their way through a haunted research facility then experience a series of cosmic encounters in the latest episode of Critical Role!

Episode Recap
"My secrets are yours!" said the spectral figure of Siff Duthaar at the end of last episode. A battle ensues.

The Mighty Nein fight the ghost and four will-o-wisps from the urns in the cages. To dispel the entities, the urns get smashed, including the large, ornate urn Duthaar's spirit resided in, which was in a hidden alcove in the wall behind a bookcase.

Looting the room, they find twelve rings plus other expensive jewelry and valuable antique vases inside the hidden alcove. Nott is poisoned by a trap she set off while opening a box of jewelry in the alcove, but ultimately is okay.

They discover another partially burned book. Caleb identifies the magical sword they found last episode: a greatsword called the Magician's Judge, which can dispel magic. It was used to execute mages during the Age of Arcanum. Yasha keeps it, though they will have to sneak it past the Gentleman since they are supposed to report everything they find. They need to bring some valuables back to the Gentleman, but they hope to keep the books too.

They decide to camp overnight, then return upriver in the morning. Fjord, Beau, Jester, and Molly briefly explore the river nearby. They find a waterfall and a manacled skeleton, then return to the others for the night.

As they sleep, Fjord dreams. In a watery void, Fjord sees his new sword. Yellow light from a large, familiar eye appears before him. A voice intones, "Consume. Consume." Fjord literally swallows the blade. It hurts,and blood spills, but he keeps pushing. He looks at the eye, the pain subsides, and the voice whispers, "Good."

Fjord wakes with a bit of blood on his mouth. He summons his sword, but it isn't the new sword. It's the falchion, with a newly hooked appearance, having combined with the other sword.

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Travis is thrilled by all the sword drama.​

In the morning, the others notice dried blood on Fjord's mouth, inciting a discussion of why he doesn't have tusks like other half-orcs. He started filing them down as a kid, when other children used to taunt him about them. He has deep identity issues around what his tusks represent to others. Everyone expresses their support, saying he should do whatever he wants with them. Fjord will consider letting them grow out.

The Mighty Nein return to the Evening Nip. They meet with the Gentleman and report (most of) what they did, saw, and took. They give up one of the books, plus the antique urns and candlesticks, and are allowed to keep the rings. Beau rolls a natural 20 for Deception to keep the Magician's Judge a secret.

In return for completing the quest, their names will be cleared of suspicion in the High Richter's death. Horus was smuggled out of the city safely. While returning to the Leaky Tap, the party hears a town crier announcing the Harvest Festival is now five days away. Another cries, "Conflict at the Xhorhassian border grows violent! Watch your children at night!"

The party has a few days of downtime. Jester scopes out the local approved temples, and attempts a prank at the Matron of Raven's shrine, which essentially functions like a funeral home. There may be some lingering resentment against the Raven Queen amongst the players.

Molly and Beau decide to try the drugs they acquired about 12 episodes ago. Known as skein, it either allows the user to see the ethereal plane for an hour, or stuns them for an hour. Molly and Beau make their CON saves and spend an hour wandering around town, with Fjord in tow to babysit them. Eventually the effect wears off. They sense this drug is not a safe thing for recreational use. However, it leads to some introspection.

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When you bust out the fantasy drugs and make the DM pull that "Well, here we go…" face.​

Molly: You know what just occurred to me? I didn't have a childhood. I never said that out loud to someone before.

Beau responds that she had someone else's childhood instead. Aww, they're getting along pretty well now.

Nott uses Disguise Self to look like a halfling girl and has lunch at a cafe like a normal person. She also sends a package of various metal trinkets and 50 gold to someone in Felderwin.

Beau visits Dairon, her mentor, at the Cobalt Soul the next day. She tells her about the Xhorhassian spies they encountered, but Dairon doesn't have any new information. They spend some time training on an obstacle course.

Caleb wants to get the Beacon from Jester to study it. She won't let him do it alone, so she and Nott sit with him. They don't want it out of the lead box for long, to protect it from divination. They establish a safeword, "Fjord," to use if things get weird because they have no idea what will happen. Jester holds Caleb's hand while he looks into the Beacon.

He has another vision like before, stars and spheres, drifting in a void. A faint gray glow approaches, a mote of pulsing light in front of him. It feels like...infinite possibilities. Jester and Nott see a gray mote of light leave the Beacon and enter Caleb. He feels that probability has become malleable. Caleb's consciousness returns to the room. The Fragment of Possibility can be used daily and essentially grants a luck point that lasts for 8 hours, allowing you to reroll a d20.

The next day, the town criers say the High Richter's killers have been brought to justice. The city isn't locked down anymore and preparations begin for the Harvest Close festival, which is where we will pick up next week!

Play of the Game
Beau rolls a natural 20 on her Deception check against the Gentleman, likely avoiding a lot of drama and possible violence.

Quote of the Week
"I'm poisoned!" -- Nott, attempting to deflect attention from her pilfering loot

Context-Free Comedy
"If you beg for it, it makes it even better."

contributed by Annie Bulloch

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