EN5ider #252: Marks of Renown

Today's entry on EN5ider addresses an oft-overlooked aspect of the typical campaign: how an adventuring group's reputation can have a nuanced impact on them and the world at large. The Marks of Renown optional rules introduce several different kinds of marks—Evil, Honor, Ingenuity, Magic, Nature, Power, Righteousness, and Skullduggery—that every member of the party can use, each with their own benefits and drawbacks to make for an intriguing new element ripe for inclusion at any game table! By Andrew Engelbrite; illustrated by Indi Martin.

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  • #252. Marks of Renown. Andrew Engelbrite has conjured an intriguing rule option to make the game's adventuring party truly feel like they're a part of the world!
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  • #245. Deidre's Ghost. Deirdre's Ghost is a large vessel, sunk long ago. Recently, it has appeared on a rocky shore. This plug-in location includes a description, and plot hooks which include sinister academics, a rusted golem, a ghost, a sea hag, and some kraken eggs... by Ambrose Ingram; illustrated by Rachel Maduro.
  • #244. Bloodweaver: Advanced Class Information. Following on from last month's Bloodweaver: Basic, and the enormous article Bloodweaver: Tome of Disciplines, we present to you the Crimson Witch and the Scarlet Reaper, a pair of sanguine paths for the bloodweaver to walk! Learn to wield death curses, blood arsenals, and more! by Chris Rippee; illustrated by Julio Racho.
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  • #242. Ability Check Criticals. Rolling a natural 20 or a natural 1 has never been so much fun! With these ability check critical effects, there are positive and negative tables for physical, social, medicine, knowledge, and arcane style checks. By Jeff Gomez; illustrated by Herman Lau.
  • #241. Bloodweaver: Tome of Disciplines. This enormous, 15-page article, contains a whole host of disciplines for the Bloodweaverclass introduced in EN5ider earlier this week!
  • #240. Bloodweaver: Basic Class Information. Bloodweavers use the primal power coursing through their veins to enhance their own abilities, heal or bolster allies, and debilitate or kill their foes. Many fear them for their control over the substance of life but those that can see past this superstitious dread often find powerful allies.
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Mike Myler

Mike Myler


A Title Much Cooler Than Anything on the Old Site
I like this and will definitely use this in my current game. It gives meaningful incentives without being unbalanced. I really like articles like this that give more options for groups, rather than just individual character options.

Mike Myler

Have you been to LevelUp5E.com yet?
So is "Mark of Renown" only for if you MAKE your own faction?

It's more about getting the PCs to declare they are a group and to name themselves--the goal is to make everyone at the table feel more united. There's no particular reason a GM couldn't use this on an individual basis although *I* think the table will be missing out on the theme it's intended to reinforce.


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The goal is to provide mechanical incentives for unifying your player characters under the same banner and reinforcing their identity as a group. It can just as easily apply to any in-world faction you'd like your characters to play in that you've already established. It can be something as far reaching as being members of an established military, or as small as your team name for the local adventuring guild. Anything that can unite your group with a symbol, motto, color, or creed. I hope that helps!

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