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5E EN5ider #311 - Magic Items: Hunter Totems

We all know those players—the second the party has slain the unimaginable horror from beyond, they've jumped onto the corpse and are working at it with a blade to pry away some teeth, a horn, or another grisly trophy. Over at EN5ider we think these folks need something to work for with all that amateur taxidermy...something like enchanted hunter totems!

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Lately on EN5ider:
  • #311. Magic Items: Hunter Totems. Congratulations! With daring, skill, and a touch of luck you've achieved new heights of herodom by slaying a powerful monster! As the party starts canvassing its lair for treasure however, you instead draw your carving knife and get to work taking a trophy for yourself from the creature's cadaver. Unfortunately you don't really get much for your dragon's tooth, the scales of a chitinous aberration, or a fiend's horn—until now! Using the rules in this article you can not only look more impressive for all the challenging foes you've vanquished, you can gain mechanical benefits from these trophies-turned-magic items, empowering you to take on even bigger monsters! Designed by Andrew Engelbrite; illustrated by Ellis Goodson.
  • #310. New Race: Sentient Illusions. A few weeks ago we introduced the sapient magical life forms wrought by the Order of Sentience as creatures⁠—today’s article gives sentient illusions rules for use as a player race! Start adventuring as magic incarnate by choosing your core (diamond, emerald, onyx, ruby, sapphire, or topaz) and later on perhaps dabble even further with the Back to Basics or Illusory Roots feats! Designed by Azra Kaknes; illustrated by Xanditz.
  • #309. Mini-Adventure: Bastards Revenge. With decades of adventuring behind him it’s finally time for Talladio Mihrad to rest his blade and settle down. Unfortunately however this charismatic vagabond’s past is coming back to haunt him—he was a glorious monster slayer and hero to many, but he also sired copious children that are all now tracking him down to exact vengeance for their abandonment! This supplemental mini-adventure for 4-5 PCs of 3rd-5th level was designed by Mike Myler, illustrated by Claudio Pozas, and features cartography by Dyson Logos.
  • #308. Magic Items: Prayerbooks & Scripture. This time of year is dominated by holidays—the Solstice, Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Pancha Ganapati, Saturnalia, Yule, Boxing Day, Festivus—and in honor of these many traditions we've prepared a special article from a source uniquely suited to tackle religious subjects. Regular EN5ider contributor Josh Gentry is not only a talented and creative game designer, he's also a studying theologian and minister in training at Emory University! When Josh pitched an article that bridged his academic pursuits with D&D 5E it was too good of an opportunity to pass up and with that in mind, we are happy to introduce to you Magic Items: Prayerbooks & Scripture. In this issue you'll find 6 unique prayerbooks (A Word of Salvation, Rites of Life, Imprication & Vindication, Journey Through the Aether, The Hierophant's Journal, and The Song of Creation) to bring some scholarly elements to the game for clerics and paladins, as well as guidelines for making your own prayerbooks, and a Sacred Story Generator to help generate lore. Illustrated by Guilherme Sommermeyer
  • #307. Monstrous Menagerie: Sentient Illusions. This entry in the Monstrous Menagerie series brings into focus illusory arcana that have gone beyond the bounds of figmentation, attaining not just physical forms but sentience as well! The unique nature of these creatures ties each to a gemstone and set of characteristics that define the boundaries of a sentient illusion’s capacity for change after it achieves independent thought—for the bridge from spell to creature exacts a heavy toll. Innovatively designed by Azra Kaknes; illustrated by Xanditz and Gennifer Bone.
  • #306. ZEITGEIST #9 - The Last Starry Sky: Part One. The second act of the ZEITGEIST adventure path begins its end in a perilous race against time as the heroes are trapped within the Dreaming. They are hard pressed to escape quickly to stop an Obscurati plot of regicide against the king of Risur, but to do so the adventurers must please a fey court and trick a true titan of nature! This module (for PCs of 15th-16th level) is chock full of 17 statblocks for NPCs and monsters that are great for forested or fey-themed sessions. Pugwampi fox rider (CR 5), fey dire fox (CR 5), great huntsman (CR 12), fey orca (CR 12), boon satyr Xeniam (CR 12), satyr piper (CR 10), satyr springjack (CR 10), the (really cool tankard guzzling) Dread Borenbog (CR 15), dreaming ettercap (CR 5), webway giant spider (CR 12), Copperhat the Headless (CR 11), centaur cavalry unity (CR 12), lightning-split treant (CR 14), the Voice of Rot (CR 20), Blackwood treant (CR 13), rotted archer (CR 9), and exoskeletal ettercap gang (CR 7).
Mike Myler



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We all know those players—the second the party has slain the unimaginable horror from beyond, they've jumped onto the corpse and are working at it with a blade to pry away some teeth, a horn, or another grisly trophy.
Yes, there's one of those in our game, and we don't want to encourage him. (And it's the noses, by the way.)

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