D&D 5E EN5ider #370 - Enchanted Trinkets: Exposed True Names

This Enchanted Trinkets article on EN5ider today is unique even for this series: true names as magic items. Granted a hell of a lot people know these true names, but hey you buy a piece of a fiend for just 70 gold and you get what you get...

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  • 370. Enchanted Trinkets: Exposed True Names. Most powerful otherworldly beings rightfully guard their true names, for any mortal that learns it gains power over them. Usually those brave and foolhardy enough to discover an outsiderā€™s true name keep this stolen power for themselvesā€”but some choose to go public instead. These unfortunate outsiders are summoned almost constantly, and their cosmic power is diluted among the countless mortals that purchase their names from street vendors and curio shops. This elevated Enchanted Trinkets article is the clever design of Andrew Engelbrite, illustrated by Guilherme Sommermeyer.
  • 369. Dangerous Scenarios: Fool's Gold. The first entry in this new article series is a harrowing nightā€”and journeyā€”within the Briny Lass, a moored ship that's been turned into an inn and tavern. Unfortunately for the adventurers the evening they visit someone has poisoned the brews, bandits have taken the place over, and by the time they wake up they are already at sea! The would-be pirate Joran Harrow and his ragtag crew of criminals are hard at work searching for a treasure rumored to be aboard but their entire endeavor has been fraying from the start, and with the right people kicking up a fuss those kidnapped the night before might yet make it back to shore in one piece before running afoul of the rocky waters around the Shark's Teeth Islands! Dastardly designed by Christopher Rippee, gorgeously illustrated by Indi Martin, and featuring cartography by Dyson Logos.
  • 368. Spells: Archmagic. Some magic finds its way into the repertoire of nearly every sorcerer and wizard, yet they linger on in spell lists and left unused as more potent options become availableā€”but this need not be the case! This article presents new options for upcasting 19 of the most common spells ranging from alter self all the way down the line to web, giving players a new appreciation for some of the game's most common spells. Compellingly designed by William Fischer, illustrated by Kim Van Deun.
  • 367. ZEITGEIST #13: Avatar of Revolution - Part 1. The end of the ZEITGEIST Adventure Path is at hand! This action-packed climax intersects with the events in ZEITGEIST #12 to cover not only the epic defeat of Nicodemus and the end of the Obscurati cult, but also the fallout of the party's doings in the Gyre, the powerful rituals they've upended, and the tumult of their home world as it tries to cope with the reality-altering powers at play. This section of the adventure includes the Introduction, Act 1: World of Ruin, statistics for 3 airships, and 4 maps.
  • 366. Mini-Adventure: Hero's Kingdom Come. Micazarath became exhausted with fighting "noble heroes" assailing his fortress and the lich tyrant spawned a clever way to bring their meddling to an endā€”specifically inside of a diamond atop the Hero's Scepter. This powerful artifact finds its way into the hands of those that would pose a threat to its creator, slowly and subtly attuning them to its magic until finally sucking them inside of the trap contained within its precious gem. None yet have escaped it but with the help of the people there (the descendants of hero's past, people that have known no other life) will the PCs finally break the cycle? This supplemental adventure is ideal for characters between 3rd and 7th level or as a one shot at 7th level and was deviously designed by Andrew Engelbrite, illustrated by Ellis Goodson and featuring cartography by Dyson Logos.

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