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D&D 5E EN5ider #398 - Mini-Adventure: Mr. Kite's Flying Circus

EN5ider is taking you to the circus today complete with sweet iced treats, clowns soaring about the audience, trapeze artists flitting about between platforms suspended in mid-air, and a few dozen elementals working hard to make these wonders possible—toiling against their will.

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Lately on EN5ider:
  • 398. Mini-Adventure: Mr. Kite's Flying Circus. As the party recovers from their latest adventure they are treated to a surprise when the circus literally flies into town. Mr. Kite’s Flying Circus proves to be a series of mechanical marvels and spectacles powered by enslaved elementals, all open to the public for a mere few coins admittance. Skydive endlessly while held aloft by wind elementals, enjoy fireworks produced by fire elementals, and beat the heat with treats kept arctic cold by ice elementals. The adventurers may balk at the idea of enslaving elementals or enjoy the shows, but afterwards they’ll have a decision to make as they find a steam mephit stowed away in their gear. This mini-adventure for 4–5 PCs of 2nd–6th level was dastardly designed by Andrew Engelbrite and illustrated by Renan Moraes, with cartography by Dyson Logos.
  • 397. To Smite A Fiend: Part One. The macabre horrors of the Dark Winter have passed with the changing of the seasons and now Holdenshire County is preparing for an idyllic summer—a respite that will be denied. For a long time the reclusive Kalle Sirkesalo has been studying in earnest, delving into the nuances of magic as his servant Roland acquires secretive packages from afar each filled with rare and exotic reagents for arcane experiments. Now his research is nearly complete and the most critical phase has begun: the wizard is prepared to permanently summon divine beings to be his servants. The mage's ambitions are greater than his mastery however, and before long he brings much more to the realm than he ever intended. This PDF is an introduction to an all new adventure that brings the To Save A Kingdom Adventure Path to a conclusion, continuing right where To Stake A Vampire left off to take four PCs of 10th level up through 12th level.
  • 396. Dangerous Scenarios: Wyvern's Apprentice. While traveling across the desert you hear a cry from above, instantly spotting a winged shape soaring through the air. The next moments are a blur as kobolds suddenly appear all around you and magic starts assailing you from above, a blast of lightning turning the sands just a few feet away into glass! This Dangerous Scenario in the desert was deviously designed by William Fischer, illustrated by Ellis Goodson, and features the cartography of Dyson Logos.
  • 395. Tabi's Automata. Tabi is a gnomish inventor and tinkerer who specializes in clockwork devices, particularly small automata designed to help adventurers and laborers with annoying but necessary tasks. These items are available for rent or lease, but she is quite reluctant to sell them as each is a labor of love—so all of them are time sensitive and if a client tries to abscond with the device it might stop working, becoming a nonfunctional assembly of gears, pistons and pulleys, or even be rigged to self-destruct if mishandled or stolen. These 10 mechanical wonders are extremely expensive to buy but are available for renting with a sizable deposit, so try out a Clockwork Mule to carry things about, a Map Minder to avoid getting lost, or consider a Mr. Handy to help out during the next dungeon delve! Dynamically designed by Anthony Pryor, illustrated by Xanditz.
  • 394. Spells: Witch’s Grimoire. The practice of witchcraft is more intricate than a few scorching rays or a casting of eyebite—it is a magical tradition all its own. With that in mind this article provides 10 spells perfect for witches in 5E that range from the seemingly innocent bake familiar to the potent Perdita's insidious storybook (an innovative new means for trapping one's enemies) and even a dance with the devil. Diabolically designed by Andrew Engelbrite, illustrated by Indi Martin.

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