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D&D 5E EN5ider #419 - Parasitic Weapons

Prepare yourself for a set of magic items unlike any others on EN5ider!

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Lately on EN5ider:
  • 419. Parasitic Weapons. Sometimes a weapon is more than a weapon. This selection of 6 unique magic items are not like the usual sentient sword or talking shield however, and for as much as the adventurer's wielding these weapons rely upon them, so too do the weapons rely upon their wielders. Each is a parasite that can be fed to be empowered, offering the brave few willing to sacrifice a little something incredible gifts in return. Dependently designed by Tyler Omichinski, illustrated by Indi Martin.
  • 418. Tip of the Tongue: Part One. It's the nature of some ideas to be dangerous, yet there exists knowledge that can be truly cataclysmic without the need for impetus—all that it requires is to be known. This adventure for 4–5 PCs of 7th–8th level is centered around one such idea, a thought that yearns to be given terrible form and entices those dedicated to the virtuous pursuit of knowledge to ignorantly help in its apocalyptic endeavor. This part of the module includes the first chapter and information about Bellek (the City of Scholars), the Spire of Knowledge, city guard (CR 4), and book guardian (CR 8). Written and designed by Christopher Kugler and Mike Myler, illustrated by Gennifer Bone.
  • 417. Mini-Adventure: Night in the Library. The adventurers are approached by the chief librarian of the city’s university who explains that several important books have vanished, and that theft is suspected. Rather than admit that they have been lax in their duties, the librarians ask the party to investigate the losses. Examining the area reveals tunnels dug into the building and the PCs soon discover that the culprits are an altogether different sort than typical thieves! This mini-adventure for 4 adventurers of 5th–6th level was diligently designed by Anthony Pryor, illustrated by Rafael Benjamin, and features cartography by Dyson Logos.
  • 416. Enchanted Trinkets: Zap! Science Fantasy. This issue of Enchanted Trinkets is a bit of a departure—to infinity and beyond! When the adventurers come across a truly strange vessel consider rewarding them with an antigravity pack, or if they find the cache of a uniquely different kind of traveler perhaps a harmonic vocalizer or mnemonic calculus instead. Maybe the reigning gladiatorial champion is staying on top because of a disintegrator pistol soon to be taken by the party? Check out these 11 excellent sci-fi inspired magic items and consider bringing a little bit of something extra into your 5E game! Delightedly designed by William Fischer, illustrated by Jared M. Boone.
  • 415. Dangerous Scenarios: Mimic Inn. Mimics are a cornerstone of dungeon delves from the old days to keep greedy adventurers on their toes, and mimic colonies are a way to kick that up a notch. The mimic inn is the ultimate challenge in that regard; quite literally, the mother of all mimics. Imagine, in the middle of the night, a member of the party finding an inn appearing very suddenly near where they've camped. They can hear laughter and merriment coming from inside. When they peer through one of the windows however, there's not a single occupant to be found. They find the first floor empty except for fully furnished tables, a functioning bar, and kitchens. Only when they move up to the second floor do they find the recently used gear of the last group of unfortunate souls that ventured into this trap. When they wander back down the tables and chairs have shifted, only ever so slightly—the mimics are restless ready for their next meal. This dangerous scenario for 4–5 adventurers of 5th–6th level was deviously designed by Jonathan Chung, illustrated by Renan Costa Moraes, and features cartography by Dyson Logos.

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Mike Myler

Mike Myler

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