D&D 5E EN5ider #426 - Dangerous Scenarios: Inn Fighting

This issue of EN5ider calls for the party to try a bit of diplomacy to solve an encounter—though swords might do the trick, any violence will have unpleasant consequences.

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Lately on EN5ider:
  • 426. Dangerous Scenarios: Inn Fighting. There are only so many rooms at the inn and too few beds for all the travelers keen to stay the night—and negotiations for who's staying where are fraught with tension. The adventurers must navigate the social intrigues gripping Rodecker's Rest, using their guile and suave to smooth over wrinkles between a sellsword, a dwarven merchant, and a strange hermit mage with a giant musk ox lest things become unpleasant. Discreetly designed by William Fischer, illustrated by Júlio Rocha, and featuring cartography by Dyson Logos.
  • 425. Over the Next Hill: Street of Dreams. The Street of Dreams is a mysterious avenue with crowded shops selling various arcane, magical, and bizarre items of all types, staffed by exotic individuals seemingly from distant lands or even other worlds. That alone would make it unique but the street itself is enchanted — appearing briefly in random cities where it is accessible by chance or by those who know how to find it, then vanishing as if it had never existed leaving behind only strange memories and the objects that customers have purchased. This entry in the Over the Next Hill series describes some of the street's exotic inhabitants, the shops, their keepers, and the strange items that they sell. Dreamily designed by Anthony Pryor, illustrated by Phil Stone.
  • 424. Tip of the Tongue: Part Two. Following on the heels of the first chapter, this installment of Tip of the Tongue takes the adventurers through the Mnemonic's Maze and into the tomb of Ipo Aisun-Aiji where they find the indecipherable tome known as the Kitabu Mitk'. Soon after the rulers of Bellek start dying left and right, each the victim of a brutal assassin, and strange warriors from another world begin appearing around the countryside! As the threat of more invaders looms the party travel across the realm, winning over the rulers and armies of Budal, Sahasi, and Zakai to their cause before the war for ideas breaks out—though even if they are victorious, the quest to stop Mitk' must continue with the Forbidden Inquisition. In addition to chapters 2 through 5, this PDF includes rules for settlements and a new type of magic item: Kurtaric weapons.
  • 423. Mini-Adventure: Massacre in the Lost Warrens. This mini-adventure (easily used as a one-shot or inserted into an ongoing campaign) is about being a day late and maybe also a dollar short. There were once kobolds here but another party of adventurers—the Green Blades—have already cleared them out. These adventurers may become allies or rivals of the party, but they're playing with a dangerous treasure they don't know the danger of and keen to protect their newly won loot! Diligently designed by Charlie Brooks, illustrated by Ellis Goodson, featuring the cartography of Dyson Logos.
  • 422. Enchanted Trinkets: Fizzwing's Marvelous Marvels. The traveling magic item merchant is long beloved staple of medieval fantasy adventuring, but Fizzwing's wagon is an experience all its own. He might have a ring of protection or two, but consider instead grabbing the delightful copper weasel or upgrade your smock to a forge coat. There's a great deal of value in the sneaky Jax in the box too, and who doesn't need a pair of trioculars? All told there are 10 clever and entertaining enchanted trinkets in this article, delightfully designed by Marc Kenobi featuring illustration by Xanditz.
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