D&D 5E EN5ider #480 - Spells: Tribwil's Troublesome Illusions

Your eyes cannot be believed with today's EN5ider—it's all about illusion magic! Even the title font!

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  • 480. Spells: Tribwil's Troublesome Illusions. Illusionists are the trickiest of mages and their mendacious practice of magic is as manifold as their imaginations. One of their most celebrated practitioners was the gnome Tribwil, his work with figments famed for its nuance and the lofty heights of arcana it reached. This article includes more than a half dozen of his incredible spells: aggressive identity sublimation, chaotic crowd, drastic distractions, engagement alteration, illusory onslaught, multiversal replacement, and perceived prowess! Deceptively designed by Tyler Omichinski, illustrated by Erik Davis Heim.
  • 479. Adventure: Nightmare of Corrin's Mound. Humble farmsteads and friendly smiles hide a secret in the idyllic region of Shining Valley—long ago the Dreamers magocracy ruled the realm through the power of psionics, and the ruins of their capital sit in Alldeep Forest. The Cult of Terror (feared across the land) have discovered a site of great power there where they've conjured an alien from the Realm of Dreams. Its influence has now spread to the village of Insolo and threatens to reach further still, the dreams of those within the Shining Valley drawing them to the Cave of Terror or denying them the succor of sleep altogether. Includes statistics for the warlock Xalyn Narcona (CR 3) and Dream Watcher (CR 5). This adventure for 4 PCs of 3rd–5th level was dreamily designed by Levi Thompson, illustrated by Herman Lau, and features the cartography of Mike Myler and Xanditz.
  • 478. Dangerous Scenarios: Hell's Huntmaster. A lost soul does not always remain so—most especially when a fiend has an interest in it. Hell's Huntmaster is tasked with tracking down and collecting the wayward few that escape the realms infernal, and as the party are traveling they come across one such individual: a fool named Jansan, tricked into damnation by another. Should the noble survive great wealth can be gained by anyone who finds the individual who fooled him, provided of course that it can be done before the hellish pursuit begins anew. Devilishly designed by Marc Kenobi, illustrated by Elliot Bouriot, and featuring the cartography of Dyson Logos.
  • 477. Alien Gods and Eldritch Secrets. This article presents distant alien intelligences to incorporate into the realms of medieval fantasy, along with details of the cults that worship them and what elements of their nature can be comprehended by mortals. Behold the Great Nothingness known as Axu-Nagos, Saukkassus the Dreamer, and the Maker of Monsters Mortulos—and taste the power they offer with the Book of Dreams or potent aberrant transformation spell. Dementedly designed by Anthony Pryor, illustrated by Júlio Rocha.
  • 476. Mini-Adventure: Tarnishing a Reputation. A group of doppelgangers are seeking a hidden portal that will allow them to bring thousands of their kind out of exile to invade. Unfortunately the map that would guide them was disguised inside an enchanted locket taken from their now dead leader—jewelry that has found its way to the party! This mini-adventure for 4–5 PCs of 3rd–5th level was dastardly designed by Marc Kenobi, illustrated by Jori Hollander, and features the cartography of Dyson Logos.

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Mike Myler

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