D&D 5E EN5ider #492 - Villain Spotlight: Tellara the Story Thief

EN5ider is beginning 2023 with a killer new villainess—a vagabond burglar that covets not gold but glory!

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Lately on EN5ider:
  • 492. Villain Spotlight: Tellara the Story Thief. Subtlety and subterfuge are the weapons employed by this entry in the Villain Spotlight series, though she doesn't seek to take any gold from the party—her only wish is to take credit for their accomplishments and take their reputations as her own! Included with this cunning villainess' statistics (CR 6) are two of the tools in her trade (the enchanting gift and diadem of blended charms magic items). Deviously designed by Charlie Brooks, illustrated by Daniel English.
  • 491. Puzzle: Fountain of Truth. Nothing brings about honesty like a life-and-death situation but this puzzle demands truth in the face of peril! The Fountain of Truth includes clues to its purpose and function, guidelines for GMs to determine its flow, and a trio of scenarios to use it: a cure for the worthy, fire trap, and the reverse fountain. Directly designed by Elizabeth Orchard, illustrated by Khanh Luong.
  • 490. Cursed Warrior Archetypes. Warlocks take the cake when it comes to making compacts to gain power—but why should they? Warriors and ne'er-do-wells can make just as much use out of a fell bargain! Consider imbuing an adventurer with the potent features of the Clawcursed martial archetype or Cursehanded roguish archetype to explore a new way of roleplaying this rich dynamic without the need for arcana, fey, fiends, or anything other than a radical monstrous arm! Dialectically designed by John Krifka, illustrated by Jeffrey Chen.
  • 489. Adventure: Dragon Turtle Surgery. The dragon turtle Damantharn (scourge of pirates and protector of the remote settlement of Swellgate) suffers from a terrible illness that resists magical healing. Without treatment they are certain to die—courageous and capable adventurers are needed to delve inside the dragon turtle’s very body to purge the plague from within! This adventure for 4 to 6 PCs of 4th–6th level diagnostically designed by Tyler Omichinski is set in Elissar, illustrated by Julio Rocha, and features fantastic cartography by Jori Hollander.
  • 488. Mini-Adventure: Eruption Temple. The adventurers have beaten back a resurging tornado, put stop to the crystallization of an arctic entity of epic scale, and fought a living storm—then the dreams of flames begin, inexorably drawing them towards the far reaches of untamed mountains and possibly their doom. Once they have found Eruption Temple should the party fail to stop the machinations of the fiery avatar Derxan within these prophecies of mortals ended in cinders will spread across the face of Elissar to claim lives untold! Disputatiously designed by Mike Myler as the fourth part of an Elemental Adventure Path (following EN5ider #487 - MA: Storming Wrathua), illustrated by Riptaid, and featuring cartography by Dyson Logos and Russ Morrissey.

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Mike Myler

Mike Myler

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