D&D 5E EN5ider #497 - Intriguing Organizations: Dungeon Builders

EN5ider doesn't want your villains to have to settle for used when choosing their lair—we recommend hiring the Dungeon Builders instead!

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  • 497. Intriguing Organizations: Dungeon Builders. Archmages, demigods, and liches alike all need lairs—it's the Dungeon Builders they turn to so they can stay focused on the important things like unlocking ancient evils. Following their patented 10-Step Process, these deluded architects utilize monsters like rockplowers (CR 2) to do much of their work, captured and trained with tools such as binding powder and compulsion beacon. Dependably designed by Charlie Brooks, illustrated by Phil Stone.
  • 496. Enchanted Trinkets: Pirate Booty. Any seafarer worth their salt can make good use of these 10 nautical magic items, whether to save a fellow sailor from a deathly fall with the buccaneer's cutlass, put fear into foes with a burning beard, down a draught of leviathan grog to dive into the crushing depths, or gaze into tomorrow's spyglass to see what the weather holds. Dastardly designed by Andrew Engelbrite, illustrated by Rachel Maduro.
  • 495. Seasonal Spells. There are simply never enough nature spells! Explore some of the magic the natural world can offer with over a dozen new spells—whether keeping an aura for every season, summoning a blizzard or heatwave, or putting the chill into a foe with hypothermia these are certain to bring some holistic excitement to your game. Deciduously designed by Levi Thompson, illustrated by Daniel English.
  • 494. Adventure: Fangfane. Guided by an ambitious gnome scout into the ruins of a once grand underground settlement, the party finds not only the idol their guide seeks—they also run afoul of the cult of Chernobog! Recovering the relic will be more than a dangerous trek as they fight off cultists, overcome lethal obstacles like olivine slime, and battle against huge undead (including swarms of insects and a skeletal constrictor snake!) in a breathtaking escape from the flooded undercity. Decisively designed by William Murakami-Brundage, illustrated by Insima, and featuring a map created using Watabou's One Page Dungeon generator.
  • 493. Monstrous Menagerie: Consecrated Cultists. Acolyte, cultist, cult fanatic—lightweights one and all! When dark councils gather to enact fell rituals they call for devoted maniacs like the lethal dark martyr (CR 4), darkly inspiring harbinger of doom (CR 2), a channeler of foul energies such as the heathen conduit (CR 4), bolstering heretic mortician (CR 4), monstrous mutant zealot (CR 7), devious profane master (CR 9), or dedicated unholy vanguard (CR 3). Disquietingly designed by Andrew Engelbrite, illustrated by Rachel Maduro.

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Mike Myler

Mike Myler

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