D&D 5E EN5ider #503 - Dangerous Scenarios: Chained to the Deep

A pair of merrow are engaging in a vicious tactic today on EN5ider, and even the most courageous adventurers will be hard-pressed to save the day in this Dangerous Scenario!

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  • 503. Dangerous Scenarios: Chained to the Deep. A fate most terrible is about to befall a group of fishers that have run afoul of vengeful merrow: without immediate intervention they are to be dragged to drown in the depths! These fanatical fishfolk (a priest and acolyte) are not alone however, and anyone that interrupts their revenge has a toothy surprise waiting for them. This dangerous scenario for 4–5 PCs of 4th level was distinctively designed by Marc Kenobi, illustrated by Hannah Seakins, and features cartography by Dyson Logos.
  • 502. Enchanted Trinkets: Roadside Reliquaries. Routes of pilgrimage and holy places are rife with merchants offering divine relics, but so many are cosmetic symbols of faith and nothing more. With these 9 magic items the power they grant is true all the same—though their veracity comes into question when pushed to the limit! From the empowering archangel's feather to the invigorating Varpak's big toe, adventurers across the realms would do well to browse the wares of traders in holy relics just in case one of these enchanted trinkets is available for purchase. Devotedly designed by Andrew Engelbrite, illustrated by Jori Hollander.
  • 501. Monstrous Menagerie: Unique Undead. Everyone knows the common undead—ghosts, skeletons, vampires, zombies—but there are yet more of these horrors, some with unorthodox origins and even odder appearances. What happens to powerful necromancers that develop incurable diseases? Or if an earth elemental bestows a curse that rots the bones? What kinds of magical maladies can develop within those descended from inbred sorcerous monarchies? The bloodless (CR 4), ossified (CR 2), shadrownoma (CR 1), and shadrownoma clot (CR 5) plus the shadrownoma disease! Dangerously designed by Levi Thompson, illustrated by Júlio Rocha.
  • 500. Vault of Splintered Souls MEGADUNGEON. Delve through 14 levels of fell monsters, rewarding puzzles, and lethal traps beneath the ruins of Mal Takkar and collect hundreds of soulshards before emerging as the first champions to escape the vault! Diabolically, dreadfully, and definitively designed for 4–5 PCs (starting at 6th level and ending at 10th level) by Anthony Alipio, Sarah Breyfogle, Savannah Broadway, Charlie Brooks, Andrew Engelbrite, Will Gawned, Marc Kenobi, Peter Martin, Michael McCarthy, Mike Myler, Tyler Omichinski, Levi Thompson, Rachel Williamson. Cover illustration by Erik Davis-Heim, cartography by Xanditz, layout by Frank Michienzi.
  • 499. Spells: Miraculous Magic. Magic can be a fickle thing, and when deities are involved the power of what might be can astound. Consider this batch of a dozen spells each with its own element of Miraculous Casting, increasing its potency when the situation is dire. Bolster the resolve of companions with emboldening banner, even affecting those on the precipice of death if you are wounded badly enough. Perhaps instead you might blast and blind with a ray of heavenly light—hitting with the force of a god by drawing upon the plight of an ally nearby fighting to cling to mortality. Whether talking about condemnation or deliverance, every cleric, druid, and paladin should pray for this suite of spells. Divinely designed by Andrew Engelbrite, illustrated by Indi Martin.

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