D&D 5E EN5ider #511- Puzzle: Interplanar Delicatessen


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  • 511. Puzzle: Interplanar Delicatessen. Too often two essential things are skipped over amidst the excitement of dungeon delving: eating and puzzles. The Interplanar Delicatessen offers a delightful solution to both these quandaries. Sure the adventurers are deadly, but are they canny and hardy enough to finish a plate of eyes-cargo, the pudding flambé, floating cubes, crystals, AND the surprise final course?! Deliciously designed by Andrew Engelbrite, illustrated by Júlio Rocha.
  • 510. Adventure: Horror on the Lysymachus. A brutal murder has occurred on a small merchant ship in mid-ocean. The party uncovers not only evidence of unnatural violence but an unwelcome and unseen presence aboard the ship as well—now they must deal with both the mysterious killer and an increasingly hostile crew! While the adventure is set in the world of Elissar, it takes place mostly at sea so is easily transferred to any campaign. Diabolically designed by Anthony Pryor for 4–5 PCs of 3rd–5th level, illustrated by Júlio Rocha, featuring cartography by Umut Comak.
  • 509. Dangerous Scenarios: Conflicting Charms. While journeying the party wanders directly into a spat between monsters and the plight of their proxies. An item of great value to a pair of dryads has been taken by a trio of harpies and the fey will do anything they can to get it back—even appealing to passing adventurers without the aid of magic! Discerningly designed by Charlie Brooks, illustrated by Yeysson Bellaiza.
  • 508. Enchanted Trinkets: Zlick Willy's Extended Catalog. Zlick Willy is back with a whole host of impressive new enchanted trinkets sure to delight! Catch a friend off guard with the hilarious bucket of fun, strike up a conversation with a stranger you can't understand without an informative dragonheart's ring, or otherwise get the party going with these unique and uniquely affordable magic items! Dependably designed by Elizabeth Orchard, illustrated by Hannah Seakins.
  • 507. Flatearthed Arcana. THEY can't stand to see you with this issue of EN5ider because of the unadulterated honesty unleashed inside of it! Spread the truth with anti-potion pamphlets, make it clear you know what's up with a snazzy pair of suspenders of disbelief and a canny casting of circular theories, but whatever you do be wary of Big Potion's tracking potion!!!! For the real diehards there's also two archetypes—False Belief clerics and the Rogue bardic college—perfect for adventurers that accept Flatearthed Arcana for all its worth. Distressingly designed by Mike Myler, illustrated by Rafael Benjamin, superlative layout by Frank Michienzi.
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Mike Myler

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