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D&D 5E EN5ider Gets A Facelift

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EN World's own EN5ider Magazine for D&D 5th Edition has been running for nearly 5 years now. We've produced nearly 400 issues, with over 2,500 pages of content.

And you can get ALL that content for just $3, plus new weekly issues of d&d content in handy pdf format emailed straight to you. Classes, new rules, character options, monsters, npcs, magic items, locations, and adventures! All professionally produced and illustrated by industry veterans.

Become a patron now and get access to the entire back catalog of nearly 400 issues and over 2,500 pages of professionally produced and illustrated content for as little as $3!


EN5ider includes the entire critically-acclaimed ZEITGEIST: The Gears of Revolution adventure path! The ZEITGEIST campaign saga consists of thirteen intricately crafted adventures, and is carefully designed to allow starting and stopping points while providing a cohesive, well-plotted story arc.

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Russ Morrissey

Russ Morrissey


Ravenous Bugblatter Beast of Traal
I just woke up and mistakenly read that title as EN5ider Cat gets Facelift.

EN5ider Cat


I was a En5ider patron for a while, and it's a great service. Tons of content for a very low price.

However, I don't (haven't) play D&D 5e, so after a while it seemed silly to keep the subscription. However if I did, it is worth the entry price.

I wish there was this type of thing for Superheroes, Traveller (or other generic space, not Starfinder), Shadowrun/Cyberpunk, and/or other genres. Maybe a version that can have something new each month covering one of a bunch of genres?


Hasn't it been almost 6 years? The earliest posts on the patreon are February 2015. Either way, congratulations on running the service for this long.


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