D&D 5E EN5ider?


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[MENTION=6716779]Zardnaar[/MENTION] The other day I found this on DriveThrough


It is only a random selection of the kind of material you can find on en5ider. For $10 you can get only a small fraction of the content you would get as a subscriber, but it could help you to decide become one. And if not you get some good adventures, cleric spells and even a new class for keeps.

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I love it so far I opted for $3 a article with a $15 max a month so it costs me about the same as my SWTOR MMO account. Right off the bat I received everything that had already been done and ended up printing out a lot to use with my game rules wise.

My favorite one took backgrounds and made them into Kingdom Backgrounds! I loved that idea!

Then there were all the adventures. Perfect for a night of gaming when the party takes a left turn when you planned for a right.
If there is one thing 5E needs it's friggin short adventures!

Sure not every article is useful for me right away but it's nice to have them on hand for when they might be. For instance Nobody at my table likes druids but when that druid pc ever does get made..I now have more options for them. I might not find a drinking game while playing D&D that helpful but it made me laugh and think back to my navy days of being a Drunken Master running a AD&D game.

Really I love In5ider so far.


People keep the views coming. I am sure both editors and authors want to hear your opinions on both ENworld Pateron publications.


Well, that was fun
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Do EN World silver subscribers from the Rebuilding EN World Kickstarter get access to these for free?

Eventually, yeah - I'm having compilations put together every six months or so. The first one is actually done; I just haven't had time to send out the Kickstarter coupon link yet. That said, I do encourage you to consider becoming a patron anyway -- you'll still get the old ones for free that way, but you're also helping make sure new ones keep coming, plus you get 'em quicker!

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